From the bottom of my heart

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed my rug hooking journey so far. I have been a participant in the The Harbour Masterclass, the Inspirations’ sessions and Creative Aging as well as many other on-line courses and a faithful weekly ‘Live’ watcher. Deanne, you, your team and the rug hooking community have become good friends to me as I pursue my artistic path in unlocking the creativity, joy, happiness and beauty that I find as I sit at my frame. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lee Ann
What a fun kit!
Review by Donald H. on 27 Sep 2023review stating What a fun kit

I am totally new to this, what a great kit. I am really enjoying myself. With the help from Deanne's video and instructions I am able to do rug hocking. The kit arrived very fast, has lots of material and is of great quality. I already am looking forward to doing another kit. Thanks.~Donald

So Glad I Bought This Kit!

I had a great time making this! Deanne's training video was excellent (very thorough and clearly demonstrated), and she included LOTS of yarns and cloth (and a wonderful variety of textures) in the kit. I watched the video, made the rug, and then watched the video again. I got a little frustrated with some of the material, but by the time I was finished, we were friends again. I also wanted a bit more sky, so I just altered the pattern a little bit. Deanne included so much material that there were no worries about running out. It was very helpful to watch the video again afterwards to help with my next adventure in rug making. I CAN'T WAIT! ~Desirae H. 

Deanne, I just wanted you to know I enjoying your site and shop more than anything! I am a beginner and I am on my third piece. I am a retired nurse and normally like things very precise. Watching you I have learned there is a new person in me at 73 and I pray I will have years to continue with your beautiful style! I love this soooooo much more using different materials and a different style! I have viewed Numerous videos and enjoy yours the most! I look at things so differently now. I joined your inspiration class and I just have to thank you again for your beautiful style and enthusiasm! God bless you. ~Donna 

Hi Deanne! Just finished the first wonderful and entertaining inspiration session. Your excitement and commitment to this course is so evident. I was wondering already last week during the live when you drew the huge leaves and berries pattern which berries were they? Now I know…silver brunia!! Love that you went downstairs and brought it up to show us..means so much more with the visual. Thanks for always bringing my attention back to being true to and finding out how each of us as individuals have so much exciting potential unique and different as we all are. It is a comforting and very self-empowering thought. I appreciate you. ~Judi

Wonderful, kind and genuine.
ALL of what I have seen so far in Deanne’s work is speaking directly to me- not to mention I had no idea this type of hooking existed. When I was a young girl I did the other style with short pre cut pieces. All of the rugs I have seen on your walls, in your videos are incredibly inspiring to me and I feel like I am going to give this a go. Also outside of the hooking realm there is some magic that I cannot name that is exactly what I needed to rekindle my desire to create, feel inspired and also reconnect to some dusty parts of myself that may have been waiting..until now. So please feel my appreciation and warmth to you and your team. The energy you all give off is wonderful, kind and genuine.

I am on Vancouver Island but if I ever make it back East…I am heading straight to your studio!

Take care, be well and thank you for all you do,
Rhonda :)  

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I’d like to say how much I like your Thursdays live, the Inspiration Series and The Harbour (even though I'm a bit behind on that). Your filming and content present you as “real” people that love what you do. You’re inspiring. Thank you. ~Irene

WOW.. I have taken many courses with you Deanne, and when I open each one …. I think wow.. this is the best yet. Here I am once again, this is the best yet !!! I almost didn’t sign up, only because I wasn’t sure it would be my thing, I was wrong. This is very much my thing, I’ve watched the session twice already. You mentioned a couple of times that this would be like a one on one experience.. like being with you in the studio it really is for me. I’ve been hooking for 15+ years, my style has changed many times. I am happy to say that this very first session has taught me many things, I feel another change about to come. I’m looking forward to it. Oh… and just yesterday I introduced someone to hooking. She is so excited, her excitement was exciting for me.

“You never know what you give someone when you teach them to hook” ~Now I’m heading out to find some seed pods.. lol.. ~Cathie.

Deanne, I am so lucky that you spoke with me at the end of February in the studio. You encouraged me to take the Inspiration series which I may not have signed up for, being such a newbie. I signed up the next day and after watching the first one I realize it is exactly what I need. You are so engaging in your videos that they fly right by even though they are packed full of content. I learned so much in just over an hour by watching you go through the process of creating. It is encouraging to see that even you are unsure sometimes in your decisions. It helps me loosen up, trust my gut, learn from my fails and feel inspired! ~Suzanne

I had the perfect morning to sit and enjoy this session – rainy and overcast but I was able to watch beauty unfold. I found this session so relevant as a new rug hooker. I still struggle with planning my colours and having what I want in my stash. I didn’t realize that so much of what I do is immediacy or going with my gut and that is okay, not everything needs to be planned out. I loved watching how you worked all the different yarns together to make a gorgeous landscape. One of my take aways is try the unexpected, you never know what is going to be perfect. I love these sessions, I truly am inspired by them. 

Thank you. ~Suzanne

Hello Deanne,

I received an order from DFS today and it just made me want to say thank you and to express my appreciation for you and your staff.

I discovered your shop as soon as I started rug-hooking in Nov 2020 and I have been enjoying the association so much. I love the community you have created and the feeling of personal engagement and inspiration that you foster through your social media platforms, Thursday Lives, online classes and weekly newsletters. (I work my schedule around Thursdays at 1:00 EST!) It has all contributed greatly to my ever-growing love of this art.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to your staff and to the great customer service I can always count on from them. Everyone in the shop is always friendly, helpful and patient, and if there is ever an issue with my order, they are always very accommodating. It makes doing business with DFS such a pleasure. (The only downside is that I now have a dining room filled with yarn! 😊)

On a personal note, I think your connection to Newfoundland has drawn me to your space as well. Although I am from the US, I have visited Newfoundland many times and feel such love for it, and such a sense of belonging to the place, that I believe I must have lived there in a previous life!

On that note, I am off for a walk and then to hook some humpback whales! With gratitude, ~Debbie

I am on Lesson 7 of Design School and loving it! I hemmed and hawed about signing up, and am so glad I finally decided to do it! I am enjoying it so much and thought you should know! (That’s a lot of exclamation points!) 😁 ~Debbie

Thank you very much for offering the free lessons for the beginners like me. I found your artwork in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia when I travelled there this summer from Ontario. I love all of them. They look so beautiful and impressive. So I started to make my first piece for my sister as her birthday gift. It's amazing to get to know you and the rug hooking world. ~Sharon