The Harbour

I want you to bloom!

Get fired up. Get committed.

Feel the love,

The love of beauty

The love of creativity

The love of making

The love of community

The love of rug hooking

Come to "The Harbour"

A Master Class for 2020!

Twelve months... 

Twelve impactful lessons to change the way you hook rugs and bring creativity to your doorstep.

I have had such an amazing creative journey. It has been filled with joy and wonder and I want you to experience that too. I want you to take a voyage into a sea of creativity with me.

Learn what inspires me to create beauty everyday, and why I want you to find the same kind of joy in your rug hooking, your art and your life. Learn how to become more creative, stronger in your practice, deeper in your heart, using rug hooking as your tool. 

Let me steer you as you ride your own creative wave. I want to help you discover the meaning and the depth that I have found in hooking rugs. 

Each month we'll work together while I teach you about the books that matter, how to make great rugs from start to finish and how to deepen your own creative well. I'll take you with me and show you how I began, and how I grew into the artist that I am today.

Tune in to a series of informative learning videos where I will:

Art Escape: A new rug every month from start to finish.

Navigating the Waters: Readings from my books and new writings.

The Book Club: Review books that have influenced my creativity.

Deep Dive Activity: Lead you in creativity practices.

The Village: Our private Facebook community to share your rugs and ideas.

Red Couch Diaries: Insightful conversations with creative friends. 

The Guild Meeting

Red Couch Diaries

The Book Club

Navigating the Waters

The Village

Deep Dive Activity

The Harbour

Click here to join me for this year long journey of creativity, rug hooking, art and design.

Grow with me in 2020!