You might be getting older but you can still feel like you are just beginning.

You might be getting older but you can still feel like you are just beginning.
Yesterday I got a new idea that just sparked something in me. I did not get it all by myself. After hours of conversation with Angela, and then a meeting with Cathy and Angela something came together and the sparks started flying. I carried the seed of this idea around with me for months. I was kicking around a ball for a long time and finally after thinking about it for ages I got somewhere with it. It was a long way from the original idea but it was the right idea for me. I knew it was right because my heart was happy and my brain was filled with more ideas to make it happen. I just want to go do everything I need to do to see this idea come to life. Yay!!!!
Here is the thing though. I had no idea where I was going when I got the initial idea. The idea that I am beginning to work on was no where in sight of the original idea. It was not where I intended to go. That always surprises me. After years of making rugs, of watching ideas develop, morph and change I am often surprised at where I end up.
So I am in the early stages with this idea. And you know what that feels like. It feels like starting again. I am excited. My mind is racing. My heart is happy. It is energizing. I feel like I am beginning again. How great is that.
You know that feeling. You get it too. It is called inspiration. Without it ideas just sit. When you tend to them. When you care for them, actually when you truly love them, that's when they come to life.
I hope you look around you today, tomorrow, and the coming weeks and you get inspired too. Remember that at first an idea can be just a little annoyance or a persistent thought. Something that keeps coming up again and again for you. Listen to those little thoughts. The things that come up again and again. They might be your next rug, your next good idea. They just need you to carry them around and play with them for a while.
Thank you for reading.


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