Watching the morning come to be.

Watching the morning come to be.

In the dark before dawn, if I am up, I like to read a little. A few pages of several books. I keep a small pile of books by my chair and a tiny book light so I can read in the dark and feel the morning coming. It is a beautiful thing to be awake before dawn. To watch another day come into being.

This morning in the dark before dawn I was reading Richard Wagamese, a writer I read again and again. I love the way he describes going through the world. The way he explains life from his perspective. His writing is beautiful and meaningful.

So many authors tackle big ideas. These are the ones I like to read in the quiet of the morning.

Life. It is such a big thing to explain, but yet we try. We try to understand concepts that are so huge, love, the nature of time, nature itself and hundreds of other things by bringing words together. And writers and thinkers have done this for over two thousand years.

And though I am grateful for them there are still no answers.

We walk in faith. We walk in love. We watch the trees take shape each morning as they emerge from dark to dawn and we give thanks.

So we continue. We read, we write. We seek to understand. We want to relate to one another. We want meaning.

We continue because often it is not answers we are seeking but understanding, and these are different things.

With understanding there is acceptance.

With understanding there is the knowledge that we cannot always know the facts. And in the not knowing, we go forward, openly with love.

This sounds so simple but it is brave.

It is what we do as we enter each day.

It is a profound and beautiful act of faith.

It is deeply courageous.

And that is what we must do as humans.

We must walk into each day with faith and courage.

We just embrace the morning.

That makes each of us pretty amazing.

That makes you amazing.

It means you believe in strength, and love and goodness, for that is mostly what is out there to meet us.

We are all doing this together. What a profound experience when you think about it. What a beautiful thing.

So now the light of today is ready for me to go for a walk, full of gratitude, for books, for authors, for this whole amazing experience that we are all part of together.

My heart is full. Thank you for being on this journey with me, Deanne


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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