The Sweetness of the Day

The Sweetness of the Day
Sometimes when I walk upon the land we live on, the flowers and trees that were planted nearly two hundred years ago remind me that I am really renting this place for a time.
The creeping jenny that turns the field blue especially reminds me of this. I know someone once put a sprig of it into the ground and now it is a pervasive reminder that as sweet as it is, life is short.
You might think this knowledge would make me sad but it does not. This knowledge makes me savour that blue. It made the scent of the lilacs in June all the more intense.
It makes me see the value of patience and love and the beauty found in being good to each other. And it isn't easy to always carry such ideals into my day to day life. I just try.
We are all here just for a little while. Not one of us is more important than any other. All of us only get to see the blooms for a time. In carrying this knowledge with us we feel the sweetness of the day.
So the blooms need to be told how sweet they are. That is our job as artists. We tell the blooms they are lovely by trying to emulate them. Our little sketches, our little rugs, as my friend Doris Eaton used to say, are just our work here in our time and place.
Go and make the day. Make it sweet. Make it kind. Be as good as you can to everyone you meet. I will try to do the same. And if I fail or fall behind, I 'll start again. I won't wait for tomorrow. I'll begin again right away, knowing that there is a whole bunch of rug hookers out there trying to do the same.
Blessings, and thanks for reading.

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  • Angela Davis
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