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Are you a hugger?

Are you a hugger?

Good Morning,
Last week my friend posted on facebook that she was missing hugs. At first I thought she was just kidding cause she never seemed much of a hugger to me. I wondered if she was being sarcastic or ironic so I texted her and said, " Were you kidding about being a hugger?" And she texted back "No, I love hugs. I just held back cause I knew you weren't a hugger." I like that about her. She understood. Some of us are huggers and some of are not so much.
For quite a few years I have not been a hugger. I know, it surprises me too. I used to be a hugger but somewhere along the way I became less and less comfortable with it. I only wanted to hug people when I felt a certain immediacy. Of course, I love to hug my kids and family. I need to feel really comfortable with someone before the hugging starts.
Of course Covid has changed all the hugging and hand shaking. We don't make any physical contact with each other out of concern for our own and other's personal safety. Now we have to social distance.
I don't have to get all stiff and rigid anymore when I go somewhere and wonder if it is going to be a hugging event. There is no worry about being caught off guard by a big unexpected hug.
I have always understood huggers. I used to be one when I was young. I get it, that desire to reach out and share your warmth. I know that feeling. I feel it sometimes too. Us non huggers sometimes get a bit of bad press as being distant or cool, but we are not. We are just more comfortable with a little space around us. We still feel that warmth, we just don't express it with a hug. We express it in words. small kindnesses, smiles, and lots of other ways.
This year we have all had to hold back on so many levels. We have missed the chance to share our love, to be with grandchildren, to share meals with friends, to gather, to be together. Weddings, graduations, funerals, the things that mark our lives have slipped by quietly, or been forsaken. We have lost our rituals. We have all had losses, some much deeper than others.
Even the simple hug between friends and loved ones has had to be set aside. All of this has happened in our effort to protect one another. We have kept our distance because we love.
The other night I got a text from Joe who works with me. It said, "Hug rugs, we are all missing hugs."
I thought to myself, "We are, we are all missing hugs, even you Deanne, you are missing that connection."
He said "A rug is kinda like a hug, soft and warm. It's been such a tough year, wouldn't it be great if we could mail each other hugs?"
And I thought, "We should do that!" Let's start a "Hug in a Rug" project. So we are startng it this week in the studio and on our Wild with Wool Facebook Page. I am including a set of downloadable patterns ( See below ) and tags here for you to use if you want to make some. The idea is that instead of a hug you can mail 4 by 4 inch mug rugs to people you care about...a hug in a rug.
I know so many of you love to give because that love is part of making. It is part of who we are as makers. We have this need to share ourselves and we pour ourselves into our rugs. These little 4 by 4 inch mug rugs are a great way to send someone you know a little hug in the mail. If you want you can join us on the facebook page a share your hug in a rugs there.
Thanks for Reading, I am glad you are there. Warm thoughts for you,
PSDFS Design School is now available if you want to learn how to design your own hooked rugs. It is only available for a limited time.

Sunday Letter: Dreams take Trust and Patience.

Create beauty everyday glossy magazine on rug hooking by Deanne Fitzpatrick.
Good Morning,
This week I had a long time dream turn into a reality. I always wanted to make a one time beautiful magazine about the studio and the kind of rug hooking we do here at my studio. I have carried that idea around for years and years.
Last April when I was packing parcels alone in the studio I wished I had a gift to put in every package. I was just so appreciative of the orders that you made. I wanted a little thank you to add in those packages. Something that would be good for both beginners and experienced rug hookers. It was during that time that I revisited this idea of creating a one time magazine that we could share with anyone who wanted. One that would be free, a gift.
Angela who works with me had made magazines before and she was enthusiastic. We said, Let's do it, and we did.
Creating this gift for you guys got me to thinking about dreams. I have had a lot of dreams in my life. I remember being seventeen and imagining myself educated, with a good job, a second hand Volvo, and really nice scarves. I still see that woman I imagined myself to be, and really I am pretty much what I dreamed up except the car. Cause really what I was dreaming about was independence. I just wanted two be able to look after myself.
I know you have dreams too. Things you want to do. Things you imagine for yourself. I know you are working towards them.
Dreams are interesting. They are what we wish for ourselves. We are told to follow our dreams. That dreams do come true.
What is often left out is that dreams are turned into reality one small action at a time. That dreams coming true have a lot to do with the time being right. That every tiny step forward is a movement in the dream becoming a reality. They come true because we set out with intention and we act on it.
But dreams are not all about the person doing the dreaming.
There is timing.
There is spirit.
There is community.
There is love.
There is passion.
There is fortune.
There is trust.
There is faith.
There is patience.
These all play a part in our dreams. We don't always get what we want exactly when we want it . There are so many factors at play. Yet we carry ideas in our hearts for years and years, not giving up on them, nurturing them, even coddling them. Sometimes ideas have to be carried around a long while and that's ok. It might even be for the best.
Our dreams don't just come true because of us, but because of what and who is around us.
They come true because of the inspiration of others and how they share their ideas and dreams. We don't get to do much alone, on our own. We are dependent on a community, as much as we are upon ourselves and our own actions.
That's something I could not see as a seventeen year old when I was dreaming about my life to come. It was just me that I saw standing there. I did not know how beautiful it would be to be part of a community. I had no idea how important the community would be even for the most independent of souls, the community I work with, the community I live in, the online community who support my work.
Now I know and I am grateful and I want to pack these magazines in parcels and send them out to you to inspire people to create beauty everyday. When we make beauty and creativity part of our lives something opens up for us. I know this is true. It happened to me. Most likely , if you are reading this, it has happened to you too.
Thanks for reading, and for helping make dreams come true,
PS.We will pack the new magazine in every order placed in the studio www.hookingrugs.com or you can drop by the studio and pick one up. It's free.
PP.S Be sure to listen to the podcast while you hook. We have put a tab on the website with the podcast . If you listen to it and like it please be sure to review it on iTunes or wherever you listen. I would appreciate that.
Sunday letter... here is what I miss....

Sunday letter... here is what I miss....

Good morning,
I stayed late on Friday night at the studio and hung my rugs up after we had some painting done. Being at the studio on my own reminds me of years ago when the studio was just me a good bit of the time. I knew there was a group of women visiting on Saturday from Halifax and I wanted to get the rugs up. Company was coming.
When I was a child and company was coming my mother would prepare raisin buns, lemon squares and date squares. She would also make sure she had ham and cheese for sandwiches. It was a simple preparation, the same every time. It was always special just the same. It marked a kind of change in the air. To a child it felt as if something magical was about to happen.
In Nova Scotia right now we can gather in small groups. We cannot cross the border to our neighbours in New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island. Our shops and restaurants are open, we are wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing. Still most of us are staying home and being very careful. And we are missing each other. We are feeling the cold of the winter, the isolation, and we are carrying that around.
At the same time we know that so many people have suffered such great losses through this pandemic that the bit of loneliness we feel is nothing in comparison. I even feel sometimes a little ashamed of being tired of it all, for all my loved ones are good and safe.
Still we feel it. Still we carry this feeling, one that was previously unknown to us and we wait and we hope.
If this pandemic has taught me anything, it has taught me a lot about faith and hope. When things slip out of my control, as so many things do, this is where I turn.
I just want to tell you today that I miss you.
That I'm lonely too.
Yesterday when those women came from Halifax and laid out their projects and gathered wool for their new rugs they breathed some life into our studio. For one of them it was her first visit and when she walked in she happily said, "I made it !". When Cathy, who works with me told me this, I said, " That is why it is so important to be a place for people to go." We have missed being your place to go. We have missed offering people a cup of tea. We have missed our community.
Our oatcakes are wrapped to go. Hospitality is different.
Because of hope and faith I believe that you will get the chance to come to visit when this pandemic is under control. That we'll see our sisters, brothers, grandkids, and friends and share big meals and love each other in a real place. Hospitality will re-emege as something more vital and more important than it was before. We will know the real beauty of gathering people in our homes and sharing food with them. We will appreciate it.
We will know the importance of the word Gather, the beauty of coming together in kindness and love. Perhaps it is love for an art, a craft, an interest, or perhaps it is love for each other. Whatever it is, we will know the value of it.
For now though it is winter here, and as beautiful as it is, there is a frigidity to it that makes many of us long for bare feet in the grass.
It's ok to pine for something beautiful as long as you promise yourself to find the good in the day that is with you.
As long as you know that winter turns to spring, and that winter was made for the makers, and when you make, the world around you softens just a little.
So don't get tired of making because making feeds you and soothes you. There is so much comfort in it.
Thanks for being there,
Using Variegated Yarns in Rug Hooking

Using Variegated Yarns in Rug Hooking