Sunday Newsletter, January 17, 2021

Sunday Newsletter, January 17, 2021
I want to tell you about my walks on these last two mornings. Yesterday morning there was a hoarfrost so every plant was covered in these tiny miracles. There were millions of little ice crystals creating thin layers over the structure of every stem and seed on my path. The night prior had been foggy and misty and it had gotten colder and the forest and the dale that surround me became majestic.
Now today is a new day. I walked early this morning in the pouring rain. The magical frosts of yesterday have disappeared and there is a skating rink in my driveway that I have salted so I can get to the road safely. The little miracles have dissapeared & the world is grey.
Winter here changes daily. Its cold, it's warm, it's wet, then it's snowy. The thing I know is that whatever it is like out I have to get out in it and accept it. It is something that is a given. I cannot control it. At the same time, except for the most severe storms where we need to stay off the roads, I cannot let it control me.
I cannot let the weather determine how I feel. I'd be so moody living here if I did. I live in a place where the weather is ever changing. We have seasons with in seasons.
And it is these seasons that I watch as I walk the same road everyday. Once my neighbour said, "I don't know how you can walk the same road everyday, day after day." I wondered about that for awhile too.
I wondered if I was dull perhaps hoofing it up and down this road. Then one day on a walk it occurred to me I have never walked the same road twice.
Between the light, the weather, and the charm of nature itself nothing ever stays the same. For the last seven months I have been watching the wild caraway along the side of the road. Honestly, I have seen some gorgeous sculptures but never one as delicately beautiful as this.
Yesterday in that hoarfrost she was covered in diamonds. At other times she is the black and grey of coal going to ash. In summer she was lit with gold. I can barely keep up with her. "She never walks in the room the same way twice", as Jim Cuddy says.
As creatives ( that's all of us...yes, even you, if you are doubting it) we are profoundly effected by what is going on around us. What we see, what we take in, the weather, the moods of others. Some of these things we have no control over.
While there are other things where we do have some control. For example, what I am reading, what I am seeing, and what media I am taking in. I have learned that watching flowers bloom and change and hearing birds sing has lead to me to art in a way that so much does not. I try to choose what leads me to beauty with out burying my head in the sand. For the world needs us, the creatives to contribute and make a little noise now and then.
As I write this the rain has stopped pounding on the windows here in mid January and the sun has lit up the snow for at least a few minutes. It is just the weather. It won't make this day. I have to do that myself with my spirit. I'll go to my frame after writing this and I'll try to create a little beauty. I'll try to contribute. It's the least I can do.
I think I should tell you that's it grey again. But that's okay.
Enjoy your day. I hope you see something beautiful today.
I hope you feel beautiful today.
Thank you for reading,
PS.We have sold out of kits for the years winter online course. I have asked Angie to dye some colours for our texture wall and have created a texture package of twenty textures, the pattern and the course. Limited Quantities are available below . You can then use your stash or purchase some green, blues, and other colours in the rug to go with your texture pack.
PPS. I am going to add an extra video in the course about how to work from your stash to create the rug. I want to hook the pattern again in a different way anyway. I love the pattern. It is full of opportunity to be creative.

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  • Angela Davis
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  • Donna Inman
    Donna Inman

    I would like you to send your Sunday Morning letters to my friend Donna Inman. Her e address is as shown above. I am Gail Somers and look forward to reading each Sunday. We also plan on a trip over from PEI to visit your shop and hopefully will see you. Your a big blessing to me and I glean a lot of positive thoughts to deal with life. Your the best. May God continue to to bless you real good.

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