Sunday Letter: We are all part of a rug hooking community.

Sunday Letter: We are all part of a rug hooking community.
Good Morning,
Are you curious? Do you like to talk to people about their life? Do you see strangers and wonder what their story is?
I do. I am interested. I like to talk to people. I am interested in people's stories. I like to know how they see things and how they got to be who they are.
Everyone has a story, that's an old line. It's also a true line. We get here because we follow a certain path, or perhaps because we don't.
For several years I was co-host of a radio show called At the Kitchen Table the where I interviewed people about what inspired them. I met so many interesting people. I usually left the kitchen table inspired to be better. That is the power of story for me. Other people's stories excite me to explore, to change, to push my own story forward.
Personally I learn and grow from listening to others. Whether it is through reading a book, watching a video or listening to a podcast.
After listening to many podcasts while I hook, last year I decided to create my own. It is called Create Beauty Everyday. Two to three times a month I post a story or an interview with people about how they create beauty. I talk to friends, artists, writers, business owners and all kinds of people about how what matters to them. It is a privilege to sit with people and have them tell you what matters to them. Spending time with people, really listening to them deepens our relationship with them. There is no better way to understand them, to build community with them.
For me it is about connection. When we connect it makes life fuller and richer. We are less alone. We seek understanding because it is important to feel understood. Being understood brings us into community with others.
So I reach out. It is why I write to you on Sundays, it is why I do the Thursday Lives , and it is why I do the podcast. I do it because I need community, and because I believe that we all need community. It enriches us, helps us grow, and makes our lives better.
Thanks for reading, I am glad you do,
P.S I have out a tab on the front of the website with the podcast on it so it is easy for you to find and maybe listen to while you hook. If you listen to it and like it be sure to review it on iTunes or wherever you listen. I would appreciate that.

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  • Angela Davis
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