Sunday Letter: Making Space for Your Creativity

Sunday Letter: Making Space for Your Creativity
Good Morning,
This week I took a little break. It was a bit of a creative retreat. I hooked and I painted every day. I was extra nice to myself.
I took a day away with some friends to a nearby village for lunch and a little shopping at small independent shops.
I looked after myself, putting my creativity first. Angela came out to my little house studio and we worked on a special project that we are creating at the studio. I made videos for upcoming colour school. I just let myself get lost in making with out interruption.
One day I even made myself cinnamon buns for lunch. Small pleasures take a bit of time but they are simply worth it.
As always I walked everyday. I was intentionally more patient and kind with myself. I was thoughtful about what I wanted to do.
I registered for an online abstract painting course. I love learning online. You get access to instructors that you could not in real life. It's amazing to have them talk to me while I hook. I learn more about teaching from watching them. I am passionate about creating and teaching. Online learning is perfect for me.
The question is of course...Why don't I do this every week? Well that's an interesting question and I have been thinking about it.
The first thought that comes to mind is that as important as self care is, caring for others is important too. Still, this week did make me think a lot about the intentionality of how I spend my time. It is up to me to make sure that the way I spend my time is feeding my creativity. That the things I do enrich me, help me build new ideas, bring beauty into reality. That is what I am meant to do.
In no way does that mean putting myself before others. It just means taking time to notice, to observe, to care, to offer kindness, to strengthen and to deepen. There is room for both.
There is so much talk about self care in our society. Most of those articles neglect to mention the fact that when we care for others it deepens our respect for ourselves. That caring for others can be an important part of our own self care.
In this week that I took out for myself there was still time to reach out to others. They are not mutually exclusive but instead they are deeply intertwined. I find that when I look after myself I have a little more room to love others.
I loved this week of creativity, and I'll probably extend it a little. I think I'll see less little scratches on my calendar denoting where I have to be at what time in the coming months and more open spaces because it is the open spaces that my real work happens. It is the open spaces where I can reach out to someone, or I can hook and learn.
It is the open spaces that I can really grow.
I have to thank the people I work with for providing me with those open spaces. Angela, Joe, Lorna, Ceilidh, Greg, Mary, Angie, Terry, Patricia, Darla, Cathy, and Jackie keep the studio running beautifully when I step back a bit. Brenda and Norma still help me too. I am very fortunate to have these people with me. Some of them work a day or two a week. Some of them are with me all week. Each of them is smart and creative and they make space for me, and for that I am deeply grateful.
And thank you too. For your orders, your kind words, your Wild with Wool facebook selfies (I am loving seeing you!), your follows, and the kindnesses you bestow on us the studio. We all appreciate them.
Thank you for reading,
PS. This week we reached 10,000 followers on Instagram. I encourage you to follow

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