Sunday Letter August, 30th 2020

Sunday Letter August, 30th 2020
Yesterday I finished hooking five butterflies for five pieces that I am making together. It was different work for me because there was so much detail in the butterflies. I enjoyed that detailed worked. The one or two loops of yellow, the fine sparkling lines on the wings. When I looked at them all done there was such a sense of accomplishment. 
I do not remember ever hooking a butterfly before, they came out better than I had imagined. When I think of it, there are so many things I have never hooked. So many things I have never imagined in wool and silk on linen. You can look at anything and reimagine it hooked in cloth and yarn. 
Here I am with a whole day ahead of me. No plans. An Anne Cleeves novel beside my chair so I’ll probably go to the Shetland Islands for a visit later this morning. It is raining here. We even expect some thunder and lightning. I love the feeling of being safe inside and to hear that great rumbling going on around me. It is so magnificent. It makes me feel so small.
A full day before you without plans is such a gift. You can do what you like, including not much, if that is all you feel like.
Still, there is possibility. Perhaps a drive, or a visit, some writing some hooking. You can prepare a meal, bake a pie. You can sit still and listen to the rain on the roof, fall off to sleep for half an hour, and wake as if it were morning again. 
When you wake with a full day before you it can seem so long do? It only seems long. It isn’t. Time slips away and where it goes remains one of the great mysteries. One day is no longer than another really. Plans or no plans.
My friend Joanne just walked in. She is one for plans. She loves a plan. She does not want to miss a single opportunity. She wants to make the most of every minute. She has had cancer three times. Each day is sprint, one that might not be there tomorrow. She is not going to miss a single walk with a friend, a visit on a porch, a hike to Blomidon, or a night camping. Each day deserves a plan. Life is precious.
Every day is a creative space. It is a blank canvas to fill. We all fill it differently but fill it we should. With love, with creativity, with warmth.
I gotta go, Joanne wants a cup of tea,

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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