Lonely is but a time that passes

Lonely is but a time that passes


There is a way through loneliness.

There is a way of reaching out your hand. Of letting others know the feelings that you feel sometimes. It is important to call someone and love them a bit. And let them love you. This is important stuff. It is the stuff of life.

And it's ok to feel that loneliness sometimes. It is being human and feeling all the feelings of what it is to be here. To be alive. Feeling alone makes feeling together even better.

It's normal, that feeling of alone. Sometimes that feeling of "alone" is one I savour. Sometimes I want it more than anything. Sometimes it feels like perfect. Then somedays it feels like a tear running down a cheek. Your cheek.

Here's the thing though , if you are not savouring it now. And if now, right now , it feels like a burden.

Just remember this.

It is a feeling and feelings come and go. They persist . For a bit. Then they subside.

I am lonely sometimes too. 

For no reason that I can identify. I can feel it in my body.

The back of my throat. The pit of my stomach. 

But I know. I  am sure that it is a feeling and that feelings change. And that an empty feeling will go away too. Just go back where it came from . Out of seemingly no where.

I trust that feelings are like waves. They lap at the shore and recede.

So I reach out to a friend to go for an ice cream. To sit on an old chair with layers of paint and smile at me. Because this solves the mystery of loneliness.

This makes the evening.

For lonely can be just but a time that passes.

Thank you for reading, Deanne



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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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