Little bit of Magic

Little bit of Magic

Sometimes at night Joe, who works with me, texts me.

Sometimes it's an idea, or a note about wool. Sometimes it is a picture of the rug he is working on.

Recently I got this text...

"Side line thought....but do you think we're all just waiting for a little bit of magic to happen?Just something that transforms our day. Even for a moment. Don't ask...just feeling that moment over seafood pasta...but really in the bigger picture."

I had just finished baking a cherry cake with my mother's recipe. It was a quiet evening in the house. I was watching a bit of television. And this thought provoking text came.

I guess it was my little bit of magic for that day. Because it made me think. And answer.

What would your answer be?

I relied back, "I think we are."

And I know where I find it mostly. I mostly find it in my rug. When the sea green velvet meets cream. When the turquoise marries blue. For me that is when the magic happens.

I look for it other places. I sometimes find it in books, in a beautiful interview, in nature. The little surprises that you find in a sentence or at the base of a tree, or dipping your hand in the moss green of a forest floor. There is magic, there is marvellous, and it wants to be found. We want to find it.

Every once in a while someone or something brings you to wonder, not just to the think curiously kind of wonder, but the miraculous beauty kinda wonder. We are brought to our knees. Our arms are lifted, our hands outstretched because we have been touched in a way we knew was possible but only rarely get to feel.

We cannot feel it every day. We are not moved in this way everyday. But everyday we know it is possible and that keeps us on our toes, that can keep us aware and waiting for the beauty to emerge.

It is such a good question Joe. Such a good question.

And that is what we are meant to do for each other when we know each other, when we work together, when we keep each other company, even via a text.

We are meant to bring out the best in each other. We are meant to help each other think things through, and come to new places in our hearts and minds. Let's hope for a little magic today.

Thanks for reading.


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Stacy Budd
    Stacy Budd

    Hi Deanne,
    Will this be a class? It is absolutely beautiful!!

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