June Pattern of the Month

June Pattern of the Month


June is the first month we get back to the beach.

It always amazes me how the starfish along the Northumberland Straight where I live are navy blue but when you take them up off the beach they lose their rich colour and turn white. They lose all their rich colour when they are somewhere they don't belong. As someone who suffers from homesickness sometimes. I understand this. When I feel out of sorts I am often feeling that I do not belong somewhere.

I collect sea shells and love the whiteness, almost chalkiness of the northern moonsnail. In this random pattern you can play with these whites or you can forget all about them and go in your own creative direction.

Colour can be wild or soothing , realistic or a flight of the imagination.

This wool bundle though it may be called white chocolate truffle is the perfect bundle for the shells..you might want to order it!!!

Denice has hooked it so we will be posting that soon. I think starfish might be in my future hooking projects too!


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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