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Journal: the things that inspire me

Journal: the things that inspire me

I am always a bit surprised at the things that inspire me. They are often not full of colour even though my work is full of colour.

Often they are full of form. It is their shape and texture that draw me in. 

My home is not full of colour . It is very muted with a little shout of something soft here and there. I go for shape. 

I love black and white photography. Once I was mesmerized by an exhibit of Egyptian art. It surprised me. The whole show was grey and I left it full and ready to hook. I cannot explain it. I just keep track of what I love and what interests me. It is part of the art spirit to notice what draws you in. It helps you know what to make next.

We are so lucky that we love to make. It gives us something to do, a place to go. It makes life more meaningful. 

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick