In your own back yard

In your own back yard

A few weeks ago I wrote about how some of us will never have that dinner out doors in France with wine and a long table and that we could still have a great life regardless. Remember that? I said, some of us only ever get that in the movies and that's ok. Well I really believe that it is ok. Here's the story that followed. faithful reader wrote back and said, "Deanne, I think you better put your table in your own yard and invite some friends over for dinner." And I heard her.

I heard her loud and clear. Poignantly.

Who needs to be in another country to enjoy the moment.

Who needs to wait for everything to be perfect to make the moment.

The moments are there. We make them. Wherever we are we can make them.

The other night some friends came over and they wanted to take some pictures and a video of Robert making grape leaves. The light was not right in our kitchen because our table was against the window .

I had an old table in the barn so I said if you want you can drag that out. I had found that old table thinking that this fall I would plan that dinner in the yard. Why wait for France as my reader had said.

Before I knew it the long table was over in the grass behind the grape vine and we all carried out the food so we could roll the grape leaves there. The wind was gentle. The mosquitoes were away for the weekend. There we were at a long table outside. 

We got the meal prepared. I laid plates on the tables, weighted down some pretty marimeko napkins with the silver ware and we gathered around it to eat. I had a bottle of Lebanese wine that my friend had given us for Christmas and we were in our own back yard eating at the long table listening to the leaves rustle and honestly, the occasional car driving by just enjoying the evening.

No planning. No fancy. No fuss. Just us. And we were enough.

And what we had was enough.

And the night was perfect.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy the moment.


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Rozan

    What fun to be outside eating with friends after you had all made dinner!

  • Lynn

    Love it! Deanne, this was just as it should be. What a wonderful evening. Planning ahead wouldn’t have made it better at all!

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