Episode 111, Thursday Live: By the Door

Episode 111, Thursday Live: By the Door
  • Angela Davis
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  • Virginia Edgley
    Virginia Edgley

    I am thankful that we were not affected by the hurricane (but so sorry for those who were) and I am cancer free. Prayers go out to all those who are displaced by Ian.

  • Juanita M Moore
    Juanita M Moore

    This may sound strange. But I’m thankful this fall that I have cancer because of the beauty in Christ I’m finding that in 42 years as a born-again Christian I never before saw! It’s just wonderful! I know He’s in control, and loves me. And He’s doing amazing things in my family as a result. It’s incredible.

  • Cathryn Kasper
    Cathryn Kasper

    Glad to know you’re all ok! Beautiful picture of the River !- good inspiration for a rug😄

  • Mrs B
    Mrs B

    What a wonderful way to start the fall. I told my daughter she must look at this thankful rug. I spent three nights in their new home this week. What gratitude she has in owning thier first property. I’m full of ideas to make her something as a house warming gift. Thank you for the reboot. Love from Alberta.

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    I missed the live but watching it now early evening.
    Got my fall booster this afternoon, 4th layer of protection!

  • Becky

    I had a rug on the floor the dog had an accident on, so I washed it (even though I had not previously washed the linen) in cold water on a delicate cycle. Then put it in the dryer on low and it was fine.

  • Danielle

    So pretty ! Not on the floor please … remove your shoes …

  • Marion Moore
    Marion Moore

    I’m thankful for the 4 seasons and being able to watch Deanne in N.S. from Ontario.

  • Debbie Ekins
    Debbie Ekins

    Hi from Mahone Bay, I’m thankful because of the change in season I see things around me differently

  • Sarah

    I’m thankful that we are all ok here and that you are ok there, after Fionna.

  • Chris Schutz
    Chris Schutz

    Greetings from Washington State, US. Happy to start this day with you!

  • Shannon Gross
    Shannon Gross

    Happy to be here! I would be thankful to understand how to do fine detail – thin yarn??

  • Jolene

    Hello fro Lubec, Maine

  • kerry

    Gander Newfoundland

  • Lynn

    Good morning Everyone, from SE Alberta. This is a wonderful start to my day, thank you!

  • Danielle

    Très belles couleurs ❤️

  • Kerry

    My first Live!

  • Mary

    Hello from New Glasgow! Still cleaning up from Fiona’s visit, but power is on so I can watch the Live!

  • Danielle

    Bonjour de Venise-en-Quebec !

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