Clouds in the Sky

Clouds in the Sky

I was walking down the road. The same walk I do every morning. Only it is never the same twice when you are watching. Watching the world changes everything. You see so much more.

This morning I noticed some pale yellow peeking through the dark spruce. When I turned the corner suddenly the sky was awash with pink linings under all the clouds. Dawn had  broken fifteen minutes before. I stood sill, imaging this is what it must be like to bask in the Northern Lights. Then I walked into it watching it all the way. Imagine what I would have missed if I had not been looking. 

Then I saw an eagle high in the sky above the little river. That little Nappan River has wound its way into my life in the same way the Placentia Gut lives in my heart. They are part both part of who I am. I reside with them and they reside with me. The landscape we belong to does that to us. It lives in us.

The eagle was soaring and I wondered if he had left his nest to see the pink sky. If he had seen the same beauty as I did and just wanted to soar in it.

Beauty is that compelling. It makes you stop in your tracks and believe. It makes you feel the day. It brings you back to everything you ever loved. Beauty helps us remember. It strengthens us. And it beckons us to notice it.

So this morning, thank you for your pink sky. For your river. For your eagle. You have gotten me ready for the day. I know all day when I think I about that walk, and being so small under all that wonder it will help me to be more gracious, to love more, to be better. For that is what beauty does. Thank you for the morning. 

I am glad you read and I hope that sometime this week you are struck by the wonder of it. Keep watching, beauty is waiting for you, Deanne

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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