May we come together with warm hearts

May we come together with warm hearts

Sometimes as I move towards Christmas I worry about everything working out okay. About the right gifts being under the tree. About the dinner, who is coming, if the cranberry sauce is too tart and I remember things I have to bake. Sometimes, a little late, I remember that someone who this year needs a special gift.

Leading up to the season, there is much to do, much and many to remember. 

And then the day arrives and what is done is done, and it will all be good enough, just as it is. And I think this is what I must remember all month, all year long. I must remember this, that it will all be okay as it is.

The turkey. The stuffing. The gifts. The weather. The guests. It will all be fine. It will all be as it will be. I will roll with whatever it is.

Mostly what I want on Christmas Day is love. Perhaps it is shown in a gift or a meal but in truth it is shown in patience and kindness, and in sharing that with whomever you are with. This is what I am hoping for this holiday.

That peace will be in our houses.

That love will reign.

That joy will spark.

That regrets will be forgotten.

That harsh words will be silenced.

That softness will lightly fall upon us.

And we will be granted a reprieve from worry or concern

in the glow of the light around us.

That we come together with warm hearts.

I wish it for you.

I wish it for me.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

Joyeux Noel.

Let the blessings abound

and let each and everyone of us

recognize the goodness in each other.


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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