Anticipation and the Mystery Art Project, Thursday live: Episode 168

Anticipation and the Mystery Art Project, Thursday live: Episode 168
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Angela Jorgensen
    Angela Jorgensen

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for watching Thursday Live. The wools Deanne is using can be found under “NEW” in the menu. We will have the kit option up shortly for you.

  • Carol Teifer Searl
    Carol Teifer Searl

    Can I get the names of the yarns mentioned in this post please?

  • Kim Connolly
    Kim Connolly

    I LOVE this. I live in Australia so the exchange rate and shipping are so expensive. Are you selling this design digitally? I’ll jump at the chance to hook this. Please let me know. Thanks Kim

  • Julie de Loe
    Julie de Loe

    How do you determine what you outline(boots) and what you don’t (hat)?

  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    Well ! Yes I love these comments and yes you get the real Deanne and yes! Anticipation is available as a pattern or a kit! Yay!!

  • Susan Van Tine
    Susan Van Tine

    Will you be putting the Anticipation pattern in a kit?. If so I want one.

  • Heather Desn
    Heather Desn

    What is the green “thing” under your index finger on the hook? I love the spontaneity of the Lives. I become mesmerized watching you select colours, prepare the yarn strip and hooking- talking while hooking without even looking at the pattern! Amazing!

  • Anne

    I really enjoy your lives ~ LOVE them all!! I look fwd to sitting with my tea & watching every Thurs pm after supper clean up. I learn & laugh along with you all. I really appreciate you all being so relaxed ~ like a fun visit with a good friend. Please continue doing them & allowing us to learn & laugh along with you. Thank you for being you! 💐

  • Deirdre

    Loved this inspirational joyful session! The cooler weather definitely brings the winter and Christmas season to mind. Can really relate to your preparation & anticipation comments and how they help get us ready and in the holiday mood – thanks for a great episode today!!

  • Becky

    I enjoyed the energy of the live today. I like the occasional ‘not prepared’ lives because I feel like I got to walk into the shop and share the creative energy of the people who work there. It’s my happy place to go each Thursday and really lifts my spirits when it is full of energy/excitement like today. I feel like I get to know the real Deanne Fitzpatrick and get an authentic experience.

  • Margaret Blank
    Margaret Blank

    I enjoyed watching live this morning (for a change!) and hooking along. I’m working on my own design, “All the Pretty Poppies”, using a lot of yarn stash — and some purchases. As for the holidays, I anticipate making my mother’s Cranberry Casserole Bread (an old Canadian Living magazine recipe), and enjoying it Xmas morning with some eggnog. I also look forward to lovely old Xmas favourites on the radio and CD — popular songs, Handel’s “Messiah”, lots of lovely Bach. And talking to my kids, who live far away.

  • Karen Croxall
    Karen Croxall

    Good morning gang. Greg I love those new dyes showed today! Beautiful! I love the Christmas colours, planning Advent services for Church, decorating, gift giving, and the music. My favourite though is knowing my children and their partners will gather here at the house and we will have quality time together and delicious food. I bought the harbour Christmas piece. I’m on study leave next week so hoping to get it going and maybe hung on a wall for this Christmas! Have a wonderful day and love to you all, Karen

  • Geri

    Thank you for an inspirational session and joyful approach to Christmas.

  • Cathy

    What is the green thing on your hook?Is it made od rubber or something to make it easier on your fingers?

  • Karyn Cox
    Karyn Cox

    Love your comment”sense of preparing”. I love sharing with others. Have been giving Christmas baking to others and seeing the smiles just makes my day ❤️

  • Cathy North
    Cathy North

    Good morning from Shallow Lake

  • Paula Taraszkiewicz
    Paula Taraszkiewicz

    Is this pattern available?

  • Audrey Bennett
    Audrey Bennett

    I love the lighter accents in the green of the wreath

  • Geri Beveridge
    Geri Beveridge

    Good morning from Kenora, Ontario

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia, Kentucky *-)

  • Debbie

    No, don’t change anything. I love the fact that you’re so natural

  • Audrey

    Good morning from Orangeville, ON

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