Studio Crew

We are here to help you.

Ask us any questions... just call us at 1-800-328-7756 or email us at and you'll get to speak to one of the creative women who work at the studio with me.

Deanne Fitzpatrick

My main job is to create beautiful rugs and patterns. You can find me in my tiny room at the studio (it is only six feet wide) hooking, drawing, or writing. There surrounded by the things I love, listening to podcasts and hooking happily along dreaming up ideas to keep everyone else inspired and run off their feet.


Brenda Clarke

After working here for fifteen years she knows everything that is going on. Brenda can turn her hand at anything and it comes out beautiful even the first time. She loves her dog Sophie. When she is not working out she is up to her elbows in fibre...rug hooking, knitting, weaving or quilting.


Georgina Sicheri

Georgina is the studio manager and happiness coordinator. She helps keep order in the studio, and makes sure everyone is nice to each other. She is a big walker, especially with her dog Molly. A beginning but sharp hooker, she delivers a great newsletter from the studio each week and keeps the studio in touch with you.


Denise MacDonald

Denise is one of the imagineers at the studio. When she is leaning over the dyepot, she is often cooking up ideas along with some marvellous colours. She loves to hook, draw and paint and finds that the studio has allowed her creative spirit to soar. She has a horse named Hamish.


Mary Williams

She is up to her elbows in fibre, knitting, Mary is a happily retired teacher who loves working one day a week at the studio. She writes on the blog as Maritime Mary. She is a long time rug hooker and knitter. She also loves beach walking, gardening, cooking. Her days are full and busy and she is living the dream!


Lorna Davis

Lorna's looks after the financial stuff. She has worked here for seven years and knows the ins and outs of the studio. She loves to dress up, wear high heels, and then of course there's pumpkin, her husband and she loves him too.

Dee is a librarian that moonlights at the studio to get a fibre fix. She’s been knitting since 2006 and recently took up rug hooking. When she’s not doing something crafty she likes to engage in competitive reading (yes, reading is a sport). She one day hopes to visit Romania and seek out Count Chocula.