Some of the Topics included will be:

Creating Palettes

Dying Wool

How artists approach colour 

Colour Language

Colour Planning

Colour Balance

Colour Theory

Living with Colour

Colour Book Reviews

Using Colour to Create Depth

Colour Backgrounds

Colour Collection and Storage

Colour Relationship

Psychology of Colour

Join me for videos and written lessons and activities that will bring colour to your life and in your rugs.

DFS Colour School for Rug Hooking is about living life in full colour. We’ll talk about systematic understandings of colour but mostly we’ll see colour in practice. Colour work is a practice. We’ll talk colour. We’ll live colour. We’ll make colour in this four week course.

Think Colour immersion and you’ll be thinking colour school.

I will be taking thirty years of experience in working with colour and showing you how to add colour to your work in a practical and accessible way. There is no recipe for my or your understanding of colour. Instead colour is our everyday. It is an integral part of our life. It is a means of self expression. 

We will be thinking and talking about colour as we work: we will be feeling colour as we think about applying it to our rug hooking.

This course has taken over a year to create. So much time was spent ruminating, thinking, making and dreaming before I even got one word to paper.

So how do you teach intuition? The best way is colour immersion. In this course, I want us to look beyond colour theory into the idea of living colour. By living with and using colour we come to understand it, feel it, know it. 

This series of lessons will help you see colour as the important aspect of life as well as rug hooking. I’ll help you bring your eyes, heart and mind to it all around you. It will seep colour into all areas of your life and through this immersion you will find that colour selection and choice for rug hooking and other creative practices will become more natural and intuitive.

You can learn intuition. You can develop it. It just takes practice, understanding and listening to yourself.

DFS Colour School

Join me for two weeks of videos, written lessons and activities 

that will bring colour to your life and in your rugs!

Course Starts April 6th, 2021