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WoolCake: Live Videos and Notes From Deanne

While You Hook Podcast #2 : Comfort

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Finding inspiration in the summer months

Finding inspiration in the summer months

Hooking rugs in the summertime isn't something that all hookers take part in, however summer is the prime time to seek inspiration in your surroundings. There are colours everywhere. Whether it be burnt oranges, magentas, hints of lavender and yellows in the later-than-usual sunsets, or the million shades of blues, navies and turquoise you can spot during a warm day at the beach. Take note of how the leaves hang down in front of the sun while you're out for a walk, or the colour of the sky just before a big thunder and lightning storm. You can even find influence from a cold colourful drink on a nice afternoon and incorporate those colours and textures into your work. 

These colours and ideas can be translated into your rugs easily, creating memories of moments that you may need to revisit during the long winter season! Summer inspired rugs are especially great for your cottage or out on your deck, wherever you think needs a splash of summer fun. 

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Hashtag #

Hashtag # from Deanne Fitzpatrick on Vimeo.

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Welcome to Woolcake: A Club Members Learning Site

Welcome to Woolcake: A Club Members Learning Site

Thank you for joining Woolcake.

There is nothing like learning and having a bit of fun while you do it. Here you will be getting a real inside peek at the studio and how I create my rugs.

I will be writing my personal inspiration stories here and sharing what I know with you about art, creativity and rug hooking.

This is a special members only area of Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio where you can learn along with me. We will be posting tips, podcasts, videos, articles, and pictures here. Check in regularly as we will be posting on a weekly basis.

Scroll down for the most recent content or click the tags/categories on the sidebar to navigate the site.

June Pattern of the Month

June Pattern of the Month


June is the first month we get back to the beach.

It always amazes me how the starfish along the Northumberland Straight where I live are navy blue but when you take them up off the beach they lose their rich colour and turn white. They lose all their rich colour when they are somewhere they don't belong. As someone who suffers from homesickness sometimes. I understand this. When I feel out of sorts I am often feeling that I do not belong somewhere.

I collect sea shells and love the whiteness, almost chalkiness of the northern moonsnail. In this random pattern you can play with these whites or you can forget all about them and go in your own creative direction.

Colour can be wild or soothing , realistic or a flight of the imagination.

This wool bundle though it may be called white chocolate truffle is the perfect bundle for the shells..you might want to order it!!!

Denice has hooked it so we will be posting that soon. I think starfish might be in my future hooking projects too!


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Health Benefits of Being a Rug Hooker

Health Benefits of Being a Rug Hooker

Hooking and knitting may be adding more positives to your life than just beautiful craft pieces, it may also be benefitting your brain, body and mood as well! Crafting is often compared to meditation, however when you're done a crafting project you get a beautiful end result and not a sore bum from sitting for hours cross-legged on your floor trying to be zen. The finished project you created whether it be a rug, a pair of socks, anything, creates a sense of pride and accomplishment and boosts your self esteem. Crafting in a social group can also create a feeling of belonging and help you build social connections that in turn make you feel more confident with yourself. And, you will most likely make some good friends that share your obsession with wool. 

Physically, hooking and knitting has great effects. It can lower your heart rate, and greatly reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.The repetitive motions of hooking activates the parasympathetic nervous system and quiets your fight or flight response. People who create things to cope with stress have less of an inflammatory response to their stressors! Just make sure to bring your project with you to any of those infamous family get togethers. Textile crafts also make it harder for your brain to register pain signals, because of the coordinated movements you use while hooking or knitting, this is a great non-pharmaceutical approach for people who suffer from chronic pain. Pick up a hook, put down the Advil!! It also improves your fine motor skills and will help keep your fingers nimble and quick. Some people even find that hooking or knitting helps to keep weight off, when you're creating something lovely you don't have free hands to mindlessly eat snacks all day. If you can snack and hook at the same time then you're truly a phenomenal multi-tasker. 

As for that big beautiful brain of yours, you can bet it's receiving some love while you're crafting. Hooking and knitting (well just textile arts in general) may help stave off declining brain function because it promotes the development of neural pathways, meaning your brain learning and growing and not turning into an old potato. Crafting works many areas of the brain; memory and attention span, involves visuospatial processing, your creative side as well as enhances problem solving abilities. It could reduce your chances of one day suffering from a mild cognitive impairment by 30-50%. 

Now, mood, definitely takes the cake for positive betterment. Hooking can provide a task that helps you cope with your stress, and order in times that are hectic. It can give you a vacation from any mental turmoil, as well as curb anxiety attacks (all that coordinated movement is using up too much of your brains capacity to allow it to freak out). The repetitive motions of hooking are therapeutic and calming. When you are doing a task you enjoy your brain releases dopamine, a naturally antidepressant, and will consequently improve symptoms of depression. Learning a skill and seeing the results of your labour is also a way of reinforcing the reward system in your brain, and is good for mood repair. Creating something is also when you will experience flow: a few moments in time when you're completely absorbed in what you're doing that your existence outside of that activity becomes suspended. This term was coined by Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentimihaly, who says that flow is the key to happiness. Apparently flow is also a way to regulate strong emotions, controlling anger and irrational thoughts. Hooking can improve yours self-efficacy too, meaning you'll feel better about performing certain tasks and taking on new challenges outside of our comfort zones. A strong sense of self-efficacy is important in dealing with disappointment and our approach to life's challenges. You heard it folks, just keep on hooking and all will be well. You'll be happy, healthy and your brain will be in tip top shape.



Happiness is a Needle and Thread Away: New Data on Mental Health Benefits of Knitting 

Using Textile Arts and Handcrafts in Therapy with Women-An Interview with Ann Futterman Collier






By Emily Dunne

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