Wisdom of the birds

Wisdom of the birds

The alarm went off. It was earlier than I would have liked. My husband set it because he was off to a video at the Highland Market, our local store. It was just before 7 am. I thought I might rest some more.

The window was open and just outside there was a bluejay. That bluejay had a lot to say and she wasn't letting up. She was calling me to my day. Get up. Get at it. It was like she was saying, 'I am up already. What's wrong with you.?" So I heard her call and I came to life.

Mornings are a miracle really. The chance to get up and make a day. The chance to begin again. A chance we get over and over in a life. When we are well and healthy with each day we can start something new. We can begin again.

The bluejay was reminding me to embrace it. To feel the morning. To get up and get at it.

She was like an irritated sister who was doing all the work. She wasn't having it. Me resting when she was up and it. She wanted everyone around her up and at it too.

The wisdom of the birds I suppose is to embrace the morning. To keep busy with a song on your lips. Well today I listened. I am up and writing, about to take a walk and hear what the other birds call out as I walk down the road through the woods. They are constant companions, the jays, the robins, the doves, the sparrows, the crows and the woodpeckers. And like all of nature they have their wisdom too. My job is to listen to them.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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