What would you like to learn about rug hooking? I am asking...

What would you like to learn about rug hooking? I am asking...
Good Morning,
This week I had a hike in Economy. We drove down a long dirt road through fields and woods until we turned right onto a narrow gravel road. We were far away from the community and I as continued I felt a little lonely, perhaps a little vulnerable. When we got out of the car and started into the woods, Katherine, my friend asked if the bears were out of hibernation yet. I just smiled to myself and said "Yes, I think they are."
We were on a small flat trail that wound around the narrow cove like a strand of wool. As we left the red cliffs on the waters edge we followed a carpet of green moss through the woods. We were alone in those woods, just us and whatever creatures were hiding away in the trees. That little fairy land of moss with the light shining through the trees made you feel like you were in Lord of the Rings. This fantastical landscape was there waiting for us just off the beaten path.
It took a little time to get there. An hours drive from home just to go for walk. At first we both thought perhaps we should just hike a trail nearer home. But we knew that perhaps it might be worth the effort so off we went.
We went to be by the sea. To walk along this rugged eroding coast of red rock and sand. We went to see, to watch those Bay of Fundy swells and feel the hard wind on our faces.
That's what it's like. You have to put in a little extra effort sometimes to experience something new. You have to drive an hour, go a little further, push yourself a bit. This is true in your rugs too. It's certainly true in mine. I have to add a new colour to the water, one I rarely use, just to see it. I have to create new movement in the sky so I can find a new way of seeing it.
When I was heading down that dirt road in the back of beyond I got this feeling that I just wanted to turn back. That's normal to get those little twinges of uncertainty when you push yourself a bit. It's part of the process of learning, of discovery, of finding the new.
Feelings come and feelings go. Remembering this always makes me feel good when I am having a feeling that I don't like. I know for a fact that feelings pass. Sometimes you have to hold them in your heart and carry them with you for a bit. Sometimes you have to push through them, past them. But they come and go.
Remember this when you are making your rugs. Sometimes it will feel like what you are doing is not working but you cannot always trust that. Sometimes you have to push through and see where it takes you.
It took me to a new land of green. One I had never seen before.
I hope you have a good week, that you discover something new. Thank you for reading,
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  • Angela Davis
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