What is inspiring you now? What do you find to be beautiful?

What is inspiring you now? What do you find to be beautiful?

I think it is always important to look at what you find to be beautiful.

Today I thought about how years ago I used to visit other artists in the area a lot more. I was writing about it actually for a new book that I am working on. You heard it here on Woolcake first. I just started working on it.

After writing about it I decided to go visit an artist so I went to see Ghita Levin. I had not really looked at her new work for a little while. Her pottery is very sculptural. I bought some mugs to hang on the wall as soon as I walk into my place. I like to change things up in my space. It keeps me seeing it in a fresh way.

I like to fill it with things I find to be perfectly lovely. It is how I live. I like to support other artists of course, but also I like to be surrounded by handmade things. When I look at them or hold them in my hand I feel inspired. It is comforting to me.

At any given time different things attract you. I think it is always a good question to ask yourself. What attracts you right now?

What are your favorite colours right now? Mine would be neutral like the mugs you see here but that could change in a week.

Do your favorite colours change from time to time? Mine certainly do, sometimes daily.

Do you have a favorite shape or form? Circles, soft or hard lines?

What are you attracted to? Is it seashells, is it flowers, is it rocks?

What captures your interest? Rocks, and landscape formations interest me right now.

Think about your own answers to these questions. Sometimes they will be reflected in the rugs you make. Other times they will not. I often love one palette but want to hook in another.

Know the things you like, the shapes and colours. Take note of them when you see them. knowing what you like is a great place to start, whether you are choosing colours for a pattern, or deciding what to hook, it is an important part of understanding your style.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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