What have you learned about yourself while staying home?

What have you learned about yourself  while staying home?
I came into my yard after my morning walk and I saw the branches in their baskets from Christmas looking so forlorn. It was not til the last couple of days that they were thawed enough to pull apart. I carried them to the fire pit.
It is way past time. At Christmas these baskets were a welcome home. Right now they are a reminder that I am out of step with the present. Today my doorstep is free and clear of any encumbrances. It is no longer a reminder of things that need to be done. It feels good.
I am a list maker but that doorstep never made it to the list. When I put things on my list, they get done. I love the thrill of the mark off...putting a line through it. Done. One woman told me that sometimes she writes down things she has already done on her list just so she can get the immediate satisfaction of striking it off. I smiled. I understood.
One of the things on my grocery list this week was yeast. After ordering online and going to pick it up it seems the grocery store is completely out of yeast. I found that so interesting. It made me think that people were stepping back to the things they used to do. There are many things we leave behind for no good reason. We convince ourselves that we do not have time to bake bread, to nurture ourselves with a homemade dough.
I have told myself time and time again that I don't have time for this or that. It was just some kind of thoughtless mantra really. Because the time was always there.
We never had the time. But now we do. Really we always did. It was always about choice. About how we chose to spend our time.
I am learning so much about myself as I work from home.
Have you learned anything about yourself in these past days?
We have time to gather our thoughts and we have time to reflect on them. That is a gift. Even though it comes with so much difficulty and worry for so many of us, I keep hearing from people that this time has been very important to them. I hear that they are adapting to something they never expected to have to do. I hear that they are making out ok and staying home.
We learn from everything. There is good in unexpected places. I am so thankful for the leadership we have had here in Nova Scotia. People working together. I have always had huge respect for health care workers. Now I have even more. My respect for grocery store and pharmacy workers, couriers, our leaders and others has grown as well. So many people have had to make difficult choices.
I have learned that by nature I am mostly hopeful, and that hope, like faith is a thing you choose. Once you choose it you work from there to build it. Hope, as Emily Dickinson wrote," is the thing with feathers the perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all. "
That quote has often bewildered me but today, as I get up from this chair to cut wool and do some hooking I understand it like never before.
Thank you for reading and for being such a supportive community. Stay home and be safe.
Don't worry I still have half a jar of yeast.
Now it is more important than ever...
Create beauty everyday.
Thank you...
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