We are all slowly going forward in this together.

We are all slowly going forward in this together.


Have you felt some odd feelings as you are coming out of the pandemic?

Not sure whether a hug is ok? Should you wear a mask or not wear a mask?

Is it ok just to drop in on someone?

How many people should you invite over? or should you invite anyone at all?

Is ok to travel now? Do you want to go on a plane?

All kinds of questions come up about how to navigate this change.

We have gotten used to being on our own more. We have settled into new routines. Now there is another change. Now we get used to this gradual opening up. This change that is upon us.

I am a bit confused. I know this change is here but I have gotten used to not having these choices. I have missed having many of them.

In fact as a reluctant traveller I have enjoyed the coziness of no pressure to travel. I like staying close to home. I am one of these people who misses their wool and their books, and yes, their shoes when I travel. I really do miss my shoes. Black shoes will have to do, but remember the red ones I have at home?

I am happy to see people coming in the studio though. Conversations with people just today from Labrador and Ontario make me happy. I am so glad other people can travel and come see me. It does my heart good. It lights up the studio. Really it lights all of us.

So there, another bit of confusion. 

One bit after another.

Covid has been so difficult. People have experienced losses that I cannot and do not want to fathom. I am aware of and sad for these losses. They are real.

I am glad we are leaving so much of this behind. I wish it had never happened. It has meant so much sadness, so many setbacks.

Yet as the world opens I do not want to forget what I have learned through all this.

Somethings are as simple as washing my hands. Remember to wash your hands. It still matters.

The value of making. How it settles your heart.

The importance of gathering with family and friends. How it can sustain us.

Somethings are as important as valuing home and respecting others. There are things I have learned throughout this year and a half that I would never have fully understood.

Like how important government is. How difficult leadership is.

How important it is to protect our health, and all the help we need with that.

I have always known community is important but in the past year I have learned that community comes in different ways. I have felt the importance of a phone call. The comfort of FaceTime and it has been helpful. I have gotten way better with technology like this.

It is not the same but it is good still. Very good. We can watch each other grow this way.

As we move out of this pandemic I am feeling uncertain. Is it really going to be ok? Are things going back to normal.

And all I can does go forward,  is put one foot in front of the other, and say a little prayer as I do. 

For I must. With caution, and with hope.

It is part of being grateful. It is part of being in community. For we are all here together in this time and place. And change often leaves us with some confusion and uncertainty and that's ok, because we all embrace it together.

Thanks for reading. 

Wash your hands still. It was always a good idea. 


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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