Tiny Landscape Live, Thursday Live: Episode 153

Tiny Landscape Live, Thursday Live: Episode 153
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Karen Croxall
    Karen Croxall

    Maybe too late to comment as its Friday! You guys had me laughing out loud today! Excited for beach roses! Love the idea of placing it on my black hall table. Had to work today but plan on hooking tonight. Have a great weekend all!

  • Cathy Starkes
    Cathy Starkes

    So sad I missed the sale on the courses. You ladies have too much fun on these lives

  • Joyce Holwerda
    Joyce Holwerda

    I’ve made covers for the arms of an easy chair that was worn out. Planning to make some more.


    I made several purses

  • Ann Worden
    Ann Worden

    I loved your live today!! And your dress! And that Beach Roses – Pattern/And or Kit is just gorgeous!! I just bought yarn today. I might have to buy that kit.
    Thank you for all you do!

  • Mary Huntingford
    Mary Huntingford

    Loved your Live today and last week, I’m sad I missed the sale on the Tiny Landscape course (I’m still getting it though.)

  • Margaret Burnside
    Margaret Burnside

    Fun live today and I love your newest tiny run!!

  • Lory Reynolds
    Lory Reynolds

    Tea cozy

  • Lory Reynolds
    Lory Reynolds

    Hi from Pender Harbour, Sunshine Coast.

  • Mary Bishop
    Mary Bishop

    I have made several Pickleball paddle covers.


    I loved this episode. I am working on the tiny landscape course and this was an added boost. Thank you.

  • Carol Weingartner
    Carol Weingartner

    I am out of control.Stop showing me these BEAUTIFUL yarns.(tee hee).
    I am trying to hook rocks by a creek and just keep seeing things to try.
    Know I will get it if I just buy ONE MORE YARN!
    Happy Hooking- and it does make us Happy!

  • Val Ewan
    Val Ewan

    Using old (empty) glass candle containers then hooking bands to tie around them for re-gifting filled with goodies.

  • Anonymous

    Deanne, I talk about food too. I love to cook and I’m passionate about creating different flavour experiences.

  • Laurie Sybertz
    Laurie Sybertz

    3 dimensional Mr potato head for show at shelburne tv toys was the subject mr potato was my

  • Dorene A Henrikson
    Dorene A Henrikson

    Pendant for a necklace. I haven’t done this yet, but it is a possibility:)

  • Laverne

    I’m not getting any sound. Is it just me?

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