Thursday Live, Episode 197: Get all the details for the 10 Minute a Day Challenge

Thursday Live, Episode 197: Get all the details for the 10 Minute a Day Challenge
  • Angela Davis
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  • RonaLee Syme
    RonaLee Syme

    Hello from VancouverIsland, a new hook and some backing to continue hooking would be a great prize!

  • RonaLee Syme
    RonaLee Syme

    I think some backing to continue hooking would be a great prize!

  • charlotte OXENHOLM
    charlotte OXENHOLM

    Hello from Ontario! Hope there is more than one prize. I would be thrilled to receive some wool or yarn or a kit. Love the lives as you can see how welcoming you and your staff are.

  • Wendy

    I think one of your patterns, or kits would be great!

  • Wendy

    I think one of your patterns, or kits would be great!

  • Donna Kahn
    Donna Kahn

    I think a gift certificate for a lot of yarn…would be awesome because you can never have too much yarn and it never goes bad….Donna

  • sharon petrash
    sharon petrash

    Hi from Thunderbay
    I would love love to have a Cheticamp frame as a prize, I would even pay the shipping cost ! I joined up today for the 10 min a day challenge

  • Lori Denise Parsons
    Lori Denise Parsons

    I have a few ideas…

    One on one lesson/consultation with Deanne would be great !
    Another – 1 year inspiration session membership or 1/2 year of Woolbox or M.A.P.
    Mini-shopping spree at the studio would be awesome , along with a hot tea and oatcake!


  • donna culp
    donna culp

    I think a great prize would be a one of a kind pattern drawn by Deanne!!


    Good morning from Ontario.
    A surprise wool bag or a kit or a gift certificate would be nice prizes for the 10 minute challenge.

  • Amanda Hancox
    Amanda Hancox

    A perfect prize for the 10 Minute a Day challenge??? Next year’s MAP!

  • Peri McQuay
    Peri McQuay

    A dream prize for me would be getting to choose yarn from the store. And I agree that many smaller prizes would be best.

  • Eileen

    Super prize could be the “Out Lorna’s Window “ package with the kit and the classes. As a beginner, I know that would be amazingly helpful! Love this 10 minute a day challenge – thanks for keeping us hooking!!

  • Judi Rempel
    Judi Rempel

    Loved the live as always, although I must say all the walking backwards that Deanne did today was most impressive. I haven’t hooked for the past week as am getting settled in our new place, and I miss it like a pang in my heart (I am not kidding) Deanne, the sincerity and earnestness you put into the message you share with us is a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing. I think a great prize would be a car, but realistically speaking, a Deanne pattern, or a little shopping spree of the studio would be grand!

  • Peggy Croft
    Peggy Croft

    I must comment on how great that colourful top looks on you Deanne. It’s just gorgeous. The 10 minute a day challenge will be wonderful so that folks keep at their projects during the summer. Since the draw is going to happen in September, may I suggest the prize to be a Xmas stocking kit. It would be a great time of year to start it so it would be done to hang for the holidays. Thanks for your energy and wonderful guidance. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    Wow, what a great Thursday Live! It was a loaded episode and I loved it.
    The 10 minutes a day is just what keeps me hooking all summer. Prize idea is fill the bag with small items, yarn, a book.

  • Valerie Ehrman
    Valerie Ehrman

    You and rug hooking make my heart smile!

    I think an amazing grande prize for the 10 Minute A Day Challenge would be an originally designed and kitted pattern by Deanne.

  • Teri

    I’m excited that the 10 minute a day challenge will get me back on track.
    A lovely gift would be one of Deanne’s books.
    A gift certificate would also be amazing.
    Happy hooking!

  • Sarah C.
    Sarah C.

    Wow, so much info conveyed in today’s LIVE! While I am not a fast/prolific rug hooker, I do try to keep at it. In thinking of a 10-minute challenge gift/prize, I myself (and probably others) would love to receive an original hand drawn pattern by Deanne, customized to the recipient (after a brief email /phone chat to learn their favorite rug style, colors, skill level, etc) ;-)

  • Carla

    10 minutes a day I am away most of the summer
    Though I probably hook more then 10 minutes a day when I am home.

  • Paula Cocco
    Paula Cocco

    Hello from Ontario.
    One of your bags filled with goodies. A kit to excite someone e eith a new project.
    A linen pattern for those who have some of your great wools at y their finger tips.

  • Paula Cocco
    Paula Cocco

    Hello from Ontario. One of your bags filled with a mix of great colors , or one of your kits to entice a hooker to start a new project. Or a linen pattern for those who have a stash of wool at their fingertips.

  • Kimberlyr A Hirt
    Kimberlyr A Hirt

    A trip to your shop!

  • Alexandra

    A possible prize could be the tote bag filled with wool and yarn and a pattern.

  • Joanne White
    Joanne White

    I think a selection of wool and your own choice of a pattern would be amazing. I know I would love that.
    Ten minutes a day is perfect maybe I’ll l finally finish that heritage pattern I’ve been working on since pre-Covid. Signing up today:)
    Thanks from Vancouver Island

  • Chris

    How about several free shipping offers!

  • Meg Turner
    Meg Turner

    I hope that there is more than one prize because of so many being in the Challenge…like maybe 10 smaller prizes..I’d be happy with a hook and a couple of balls of yarn..or some mixed material. Or a small pattern. Of course there would be shipping costs for you guys.
    Im looking forward to doing the 10 minutes.

  • Maxine Boss
    Maxine Boss

    An awesome prize would be gift certificate so that people can buy what they need.

  • Judith Lilley
    Judith Lilley

    My suggestion for a great prize is a one-on-one consultation with Deanne for a new rug and/or having her critique one of my rugs.
    Happy summer to all of you!

  • Diana Szurgot
    Diana Szurgot

    A awesome gift would be a hooked rug from you. 10 minutes a day challenge.

  • Marnie Dunbar
    Marnie Dunbar

    The “Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club “ by Helen Simonson is my recommendation for a good summer read. Listening to it on Libby or Hoopla while hooking 10 min. a day would be lovely also.

  • Marnie Dunbar
    Marnie Dunbar

    Good morning from B.C. I think that rug frames/framing would be a good prize –
    not to mention, of course, a Cheticamp frame!

  • laurie noble
    laurie noble

    Good Morning from Madoc Ontario

  • Karen Croxall
    Karen Croxall

    How about a great summer read for vacation?

  • Claire Quinn
    Claire Quinn

    One of your original mats!

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia Kentucky !

  • Claire Reed Cassells
    Claire Reed Cassells

    Good morning from Port Hope, Ontario!

  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Hello from Venise en Quebec ! ❤️

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