Thursday Live, Episode 196: How Rug Hooking Changed Me

Thursday Live, Episode 196: How Rug Hooking Changed Me
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Mary Huntingford
    Mary Huntingford

    I think some awesome prizes would be: a wool box, kit of the month, or a Deanne original.

  • Joyce Andrew
    Joyce Andrew

    I signed up for the ten minutes a day because I have become very slack when it comes to rug hooking. I used to hook at least one hour in the afternoon, but I got away from that and I feel something is missing in my life. July 10 I will join everyone in the challenge I am very hopeful this will get me back in the swing of things. I haven’t decided what I will work on for this project, maybe something for Christmas.

  • Kathy S
    Kathy S

    As much as I enjoy all the Thursday Lives, including this one, something you said today really resonated with me and it had nothing to do with rug hooking, per se.
    You mentioned that every evening you stand by your open window and say a prayer and at this time of year you can smell the lilac bush outside your window. That gave me such a wonderful image. Lilacs are my favorite flowering bush and even though I do not have one outside my window, I am going to start the practice of standing in front of my open window every evening before bed and give thanks for all the sights, sounds and smells that are lingering outside. Grateful for you and all you share!

  • Valerie Ehrman
    Valerie Ehrman

    Hi! Rug hooking has changed me for the better. It has taught me to open up more and be accepting of my creativity. Now when I look at a beautiful sunset or the pasture out back behind my house through the changing seasons, I see all the beauty in the shape of a cloud and the dots of loveliness that the colors of the flowers or even the tiniest blade of grass creates. Rug hooking has also taught me to be less judgmental. It helped me see the beauty in the uniqueness of creativity!

  • Margaret Eldridge
    Margaret Eldridge

    From ON. I watch Land and Sea all the time. Have been to NFL twice and Nova Scotia about five times including your studio and love them all.

    Rug Hooking has allowed me to go to my happy place, sooth out emotions, get lost in my own little world, be creative and to socialize and help others in rug Hooking if they so wish and others in general. Just walked with a neighbour 6 weeks post knee replacement to be there for her to chat and be there for her if a problem arose. Felt so good to do that.

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia Kentucky

  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Bonjour de Venise en Québec ! ☀️

  • Christine Schutz
    Christine Schutz

    Good morning from Washington state!

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