Thursday Live, Episode 191: The View Out Lorna's Window

Thursday Live, Episode 191: The View Out Lorna's Window
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Mary in Arizona
    Mary in Arizona

    Lorna’s Window is lovely! I love the windowpane idea. You had a very interesting question today. I am coming from a different place now in regards to how I would have answered that when I was younger. I have been retired three years after working for thirty five years. The tug I felt to listen and respond to others is only finally receding. My goal this next year is to listen to the little one inside me who has been tugging on my sleeve for attention. I only want to write, hook rugs and putter around in my garden. I am battling guilt because I know people who want to go out, hang out, yak on the phone, etc. But I am kinda done (for now) asking what others want. It is time for me to turn inward and see what is still there for me. Love the Thursday Lives and the philosophical bent of our mentor, Deanne. You are helping us all more than you know!

  • Nancy

    I think the question ‘how can I be a better…?’ may very well be ‘a woman’s question’? The idea that it is makes me uncomfortable. It seems dangerously close to ‘how can I take on still more emotional caretaking for those around me?’ I feel it’s a question best left for a relationship that is at risk. It’s okay to be a ‘ good enough’ friend, mother, daughter, sister…. . There is plentiful goodness in ‘good enough’.
    p.s. Love Lorna’s Window!

  • Melody  Ellwood
    Melody Ellwood

    Could not watch you live today. Enjoying you at 10pm….Love your inspiring thoughts….How I could be a better person!

  • Carla Middelburg
    Carla Middelburg

    A question to make one think, There are so many levels of friendship from acquaintances to people that we are close with.
    I like the question of asking , how they are what is going on in their life and then to just take the time to listen.

  • Jan

    It is a wonderful and a very considered question, but you hope you can fill that need for your friend.

  • Kim Leite
    Kim Leite

    Deep question Deanne. Have to be brave to ask this of someone and really listen to their answer. It’s a great idea.

  • Pam Willoughby
    Pam Willoughby

    Hi from Monterey CA. Love Lorna’s window

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