Thursday Live, Episode 182: Hooking Northern Seed Pods

Thursday Live, Episode 182: Hooking Northern Seed Pods
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Susan Broz
    Susan Broz

    We had Digby scallops when we were in Nova Scotia several years ago. I have never had a scallop since because I know NOTHING will live up to those scallops.

  • Dianne

    Today’s video was the best!!! You and your sidekicks had me laughing right out loud!
    Dinner is salmon wellington, 3 cheese baked tomatoes and smashed twice baked potatoes 😊

  • Kim Leite
    Kim Leite

    Making chili for supper. So excited for RENEW😀

  • Janice LeBlanc
    Janice LeBlanc

    Just wondering…are you doubling the yarn? Do you often double up? with thinner yarn?

  • Debbie

    We’re having left over chickpea curry and rice

  • Deb Gass
    Deb Gass

    Broccoli cheddar soup and greek salad from Andy’s East coast Kitchen recipes!!

  • Amy Begg
    Amy Begg

    Hi everyone from Sydney, NS.

    I’m going to have chicken as well, with roasted potatoes and a salad… I’m working on the neutral flower pot rug…. I’m loving tge neutrals

  • Janice LeBlanc
    Janice LeBlanc

    Cranberry turkey soup!

  • Claire Quinn
    Claire Quinn

    Good Morning from La Belle Provence!

  • Christine Schutz
    Christine Schutz

    Good morning from Washington State

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia, Kentucky

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