The Cheticamp Frame has a Long History.

The Cheticamp Frame has a Long History.

The Cheticamp Frame has been around so long. It originated in Cheticamp, Cape Breton where women had small businesses hooking rugs in their homes and sold them to tourists at gift shops over the summer.

I love how this woman is so engaged in here rug. I feel what she feels. I bet you do too! Perhaps it is her mother leaning over her telling her to get the loops nice and even. 

Rug Hooking is a strong tradition in  Cheticamp and it has been passed from generation to generation for many years. Traditionally small floral rugs were hooked on burlap with fine wool yarn from Quebec in soft colour tones. 

I found a sweet little video that explains the process of Cheticamp rug hooking. The website it mentions no longer exists but I think it is interesting none the less and a good example of rug hooking as I remember it in cheticamp.

There is a beautiful museum, Trois Pignons in Cheticamp that features the rugs of Elizabeth Lefort. She was awarded the order of Canada for her hooked rugs and was famous for her work. Her rugs were presented as gifts to Buckingham Palace and the White house.

Many years ago I wrote an article on Elizabeth for Rug Hooking Magazine. It appears in my most recent book published by Rug Hooking Magazine. I learned a quick lesson when I interviewed. I asked her age and was promptly told that is something one should never ask another and she hung up the phone. I tried to call back and apologize but she was having nothing to do with me. I was able to put together a nice article but with out her input. It made me a bit sad but I have to say I admired her spunkiness.

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  • Heather Maxwell
    Heather Maxwell

    I have an elizabeth lefort rug hooking for sale if you know anyone who might be interested. It is of a covered bridge.

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