Talking to Mary Hynes on Tapestry

Talking to Mary Hynes on Tapestry

For years I have listened to a radio program called Tapestry with Mary Hines as host. It is is hosted on CBC National Radio at 2pm on Sundays and of course is now available as a podcast. Years ago I would hook on Sunday afternoon and wait for it to come on. It was always a bright spot in my week. Now of course, I can catch up anytime on their website. The program is about life and spirit.

This is how they describe it on their website,"Tapestry is your guide through the messy business of being human. You’ll hear surprising conversations and rediscover your connection to something larger than yourself. Tapestry: your time to pause and go deep." So if you read these letters you'll know that the show looks at my favourite subject. Over the years I have been introduced to many interesting people and books through the show and it has helped me go deeper into my own life.

These letters that I write to you have also helped me go deeper, as I hope they help you think and reflect. This is one of the things I believe we are meant to do for each other when we find ourselves together in this life, to help each other go deeper. Writing the letters have helped me understand my own beliefs and values about art and creativity. I could see this happening slowly over time. Writing and making hooked rugs helps us go beyond the surface of our lives to mine the wells inside of us.

You and I know this because we show up time and time again with hook in hand, just ourselves and the mat. We meet together and we make our lives more meaningful because of it.

When I was a young artist listening to Tapestry on a Sunday afternoon, I would imagine being on that show. Even then I knew the connection between making art and the spirit. I knew that rug hooking was helping me make sense of my life. But I did not have the words so I never imagined reaching out. Writing these letters and my books has helped me find the words. Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

This winter I sent some of my books to Mary Hines, the host of Tapestry and she made the connection too. She could see that through rug hooking I was "... trying to make a connection to something larger" than myself. She invited me to join her on the show. I was so happy because I want to share this deep and abiding love that I have for making and also because I know that in sharing it, others find it. It is a powerful force in a life.

Creativity is a spiritual force. The little art spirit inside of us is transformative. And when Mary Hines said she wanted to talk about that I was thrilled and happy. I remembered how all those years ago I knew I was going somewhere deep within myself with my hook, but was not ready to express that yet. And suddenly this year I felt ready and I wanted to talk to her about it because I knew she would understand.

And she did. She asked me good and interesting questions. She had read and researched my work and she understood making and the power of creativity from her own life. Together we had a beautiful conversation on Tapestry, my long time favourite CBC Radio show. I am honoured to share it with you here.

Thank you again for reading, for seeing the value in making, and of course for listening to this beautiful conversation on Tapestry, with Mary Hines. 

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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