Competing Forces in Rug Hooking

Competing Forces in Rug Hooking 0

I was making a lot of small pieces and suddenly I felt that I needed something big to show for this time. Something I worked on day after day. So I surrendered the little mats and drew a big one on a piece of linen. I gather my first four or five wools that I would need and I sat and I hooked and hooked and hooked. My hand was tired but I felt like what I did was going to matter more sometime. That what I did during this time would not be lost in a pile of small things but would stand out as the one I laboured over. It is yin and yang,  is that what they call it. Competing forces? I was working small and suddenly working big became important. This time is both difficult and precious. Two more competing forces. I want something special to show for it.