Sunday Letter October 18th 2020

Sunday Letter October 18th 2020
Good Morning,
Last Monday I took a long walk through Canaan Mountain with old friends who farm blueberries there. When I looked at those fields I just wanted to be right in the middle of them. All that luscious colour. It was so expansive, so beautiful. It just filled my heart with goodness to be there. I carried those colours with me.
All week I have been walking through riots of colour. Looking at trees changing, grasses stiffening into mounds of straw. There is so much beauty I just cannot contain it all. This morning, twice this week actually, there was mist rising off the pond and over all the bramble below the trees. It felt like story book.
That was the beauty I saw. There is beauty everywhere for those who look.
Perhaps it is more about the seeking. It takes longer. Seeking beauty fills your days, where as finding it is just a moment of realization. Looking for it, however, means a change in the way you live, a change in the way you approach the world. A change in the way you think. Finding it is a deep breath, a still moment, and then you go on looking for it again and again.
This summer for three nights the moon rose over the water behind the spruce in such a way that I had to tell the neighbours to come out and see it. Each evening for three nights as darkness came upon us I waited for that moon to rise, knowing that I was going to be astounded. Even though I had seen it before, you have to see it again, for it is never the same way twice. I waited. And it was worth it. Each night.
At night lately before I go to sleep I look out the window to see if the stars are out and to see the yellow light in the neighbours windows and silently bid them good night. It is also a good night to beauty.
What used to seem plain to me, this rural road and what with out a doubt still seems plain to others is now beautiful because I have really looked time and time again. It is beautiful because I seek out the beauty in it. Likely if you read this newsletter you do this as well. You look for beauty everywhere because you know it's sustenance.
You can see beauty on the back of an insect when you are lying on the grass. You can see it at your feet as you walk, in the sky above you when you smile up at it. You are a seeker too. You know that it makes meaning. It deepens us. It helps fill that longing with in us that returns again and again.
We need to be seekers to find beauty because it can lie beneath. It is not always in the obvious. It is sometimes is hidden in the interior. In the interior of the forest, the sea, the home, the person. It is often there in the unseen.
So we seek and we create because we know that there is a chance we'll be astounded once again.
Thank you for reading. Create beauty everyday.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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