Standing in the rain

Standing in the rain

Yesterday it was raining and I went for a swim in the sea. Again, it was those fairy lights that lit up the grey day as the raindrops hit the water. I love the sparkle and the shine. The water was so cold and I bet I was not in there for more than two minutes. 

It was pouring out so I did not go for a walk. Sometimes I do, but the rain was just a bit fierce. Instead as I waited for the shower, I walked around the yard in my bathing suit. I am now one of those women who has bathing suits that are ten years old and counting. I used to shake my head at them years ago but here I am.  

As I walked in the yard and felt the rain on my arms I thought this is like a spa treatment. Just to stand here in the rain in my bathing suit and then get in a warm shower. I would probably pay for this but here it is at home waiting for me.

The word I thought was dewy. Dewy skin all covered in rain drops. It felt so good. Like I was treating myself to something special, because I was. Sometimes things are just at our finger tips. We have access here to our own private Nordic Spa here most of the year. Run in the snow in the yard if you want and jump in a hot bath.

I like a little spa day. I get out the nail polish and do my toes. Clear polish on my fingers. Lay some cucumber slices on my eyes. Wash my face with a big thick cloth. Why not? I find it quite soothing to take a few minutes, or an hour to rejuvenate. 

Small simple things are waiting for us around the house and in the yard. Bring a few flowers in onto the table. Eat outside on a blanket? Well, I have not done that in years. Maybe I should?

Tea in the morning on the deck? Nap on the patio? Maybe there is no yard or patio, so maybe the park? I sat in a park a few weeks ago with my friend and had a coffee. I had not done it in years but I enjoyed it.

I forget the little things sometimes, but the rain yesterday helped me remember. The little beads of water on my skin brought me closer to home. They helped me see the simple things that can set you free from all the big ideas of what we should be doing, and let me feel what it is to stand in the rain and feel the drops come down.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Nancy Krajecki
    Nancy Krajecki

    Thank you Deanne, I should have tried the bathing suit 2 days ago when we had a storm in Cedarburg. I will do for next one, like when we were kids right, who cares about the hair and stuff. Enjoy the feeling. Thank you for the reminder. I so appreciate your posts. Thank you so much, you are a soul sister spirit!

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