For a while I got into the habit of getting up in the morning and drawing and writing. I was prolific. Words felt like a string of pearls. I was getting so much done. 

For years these things happened for me in fits and starts.

I was following a time management practice that I had learned. 

Here's the thing. Lots was getting done. And it was pretty good. But I hated it.

I had so much routine built into my day that I barely had a day. 

Now there are things we have to show up for. We have to work . We have to honour many commitments. Fair enough. 

I am talking about that sweet time that is our own. That time is the time that needs to be loved and respected.

So as much as I go on and on about routine, today I am going to go on about flexibility.

I am seeking inspiration.

As we move into spring I want the freedom to choose beauty, grace, love, foolishness, inspiration, joy, and whatever sparks the moment. I want to be open to the pleasure of the day because I think I will find the new stories and rugs that I am looking for.

I know that creating a routine that is solely based on productivity leaves little room for the spirit to move, little room for the spirit to captivate you. 

There is joy in routine but that same joy can be found in being open to the moment. Honestly, I am not much good with plans. Even beautiful things. I like to move in the moment.

I forget appointments. I have to set alarms to remember the smallest of things because I am often lost in thought, or perhaps flow which in someways is the absence of it. 

This sweet time, the time that is our own to do with as we wish is precious. We are lucky to have it, whatever or however much it is. We can choose joy, love, friendship, or nonsense, or foolishness, or quiet, or raucous adventure ( well not me, but maybe you).

We are lucky to be able to choose. It is a privilege that others wish for.

So often I will choose quiet and making because these are the things that move my spirit. 

It might be making a rug, making supper, writing to you. These are the things to me that are meaningful and fill up my life.  I do not want to choose a routine for myself that stifles the spirit even if leads to lots of making and lots of drawing and lots of words. I would rather write and draw a bit less and feel that I put myself into what I made.

That the spirit was with me as I did it.

Finding time for what we love. This in imperative.

Thank you for reading, for your kind notes , and the joy you send my way.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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