Selecting rugs for a show, Thursday Live: Episode 176 / Jan.4, 2024

Selecting rugs for a show, Thursday Live: Episode 176 / Jan.4, 2024
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Angèle Tassone
    Angèle Tassone

    That’s a lovely gallery. The facility houses the arena, a gallery, and, in the summer through early fall, a weekly ceilidh. I will definitely let my family and friends in the area know that they should stop by to see your show.

  • Anita T
    Anita T

    Always love watching you hook. I’ve hooked with only wool fabric for 10 years, but I’m definitely going to try other textiles like yarns and velvet!!

  • Sharon Peralto
    Sharon Peralto

    Yes!!! I got a Cheticamp for Christmas from my sister. What a wonderful surprise. I love her so much. And I love my Cheticamp.!! Can’t wait to start using it.
    Love and Blessings, Sharon from Mississippi ❤️

  • Janice LeBlanc
    Janice LeBlanc

    My husband surprised me with a Cheticamp frame that he made from beautiful cherry wood. He got plans and bought hardware from you. Best gift ever!

  • Kim Donselaar
    Kim Donselaar

    Plums, maroons and purples

  • Donna Kahn
    Donna Kahn

    I love greens especially lime, olive and bronze greens. Shades of rose and orange light up my work. Deep blues and purple help create contrast with some of my bolder choices….I love colour and texture….Happy new Year everyone….hook on…

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    I would pick green,gold,and yellows.Congrats dear lady on the Order of Canada

  • Mary Arizona
    Mary Arizona

    You always dress cute and with flair!

  • Pat

    I really enjoyed the walk through the studio this morning! Such beautiful works, many which I’ve never before seen. What was gorgeous green rug hanging above The Gold House and the Waves?? I only caught a glimpse of it. Might you have a photo of it on the website? And Evergreens on the River is so beautiful! You are always an inspiration, Deanne!

  • Judi Rempel
    Judi Rempel

    Good morning, it was a fun tour around the studio today. I love it when you do so. For those of us who live far away, it feels cozy and close! The wools from todays live were scrumptious!

  • Cathy Plowman
    Cathy Plowman

    Deanne,I noticed you have a turquoise thing on your rug hook.Is it rubber or another material to prevent blisters?Congratulations on your Order of Canada nomination 🙏

  • Lisa

    I would pick blue(s), green(s) and soft greys

  • Lisa

    I would pick blue(s), green(s) and soft greys

  • Claire Quinn
    Claire Quinn

    Hard to hear you this morning

  • Claire Quinn
    Claire Quinn

    Good Morning! Happy New Year to you all!

  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Hello de Venise en Quebec ! Bonne Année 🍾🥂🎉

  • Marion Moore
    Marion Moore

    Good morning from Oshawa, Ontario.

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia, Kentucky

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