Packing presents and the gemstones, Thursday Live: Episode 175

Packing presents and the gemstones, Thursday Live: Episode 175
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Karen Croxall
    Karen Croxall

    My word will be LAUGH.

  • Brenda

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment, well deserved.

  • Anne Thorburn
    Anne Thorburn

    Congratulations Deanne on being nominated & receiving the Order of Canada award ~ a well deserved honour for you! I enjoyed (as always!) your LIVE this week. It was so wonderful feeling your excitement & your appreciation. You & your team are always so down to earth, fun & interesting & happily share your days with us & what’s going on. It’s always like having a great visit with good friends. Thank you!
    Happy New Year to you all!

  • Debra Glover
    Debra Glover

    Congratulations Deanne on your award! My word is Faith (in God). We believe in the Creator we cannot see but yet experience His goodness and His mercy every day. He gives us the ability and desire to create art from the beauty of His creation all around us. Keep up the good work from your beautiful rug hooking creations!

  • K Leite
    K Leite

    Congratulations on this honor and award! You are very deserving. I cried to see how emotional you were on Thursday Live.

  • Donna Kahn
    Donna Kahn

    My word for the New Year is change. Change old habits for new ones. Change how I look at things. Change is something in my control in these weird and sometimes disturbing times. Change is good, whether its a large change or small. Change is a sign of growth….Happy New Year and embrace the change….

  • Natasha Hudson
    Natasha Hudson

    Congratulations on being named to the Order of Canada Deanne! Wonderful news and so well deserved. Bravo!

  • Sharon  Petrash
    Sharon Petrash

    Oh my goodness you must feel so proud to be awarded the Order Of Canada. Well deserved for such a fantastic artist from Newfoundlander / Nova Scotian who has taught us all so much and continues every day. Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    Congrats Deanne! What a beautiful and meaningful award.

  • Wendy Sims Korba
    Wendy Sims Korba

    A true National Treasure.

  • Carol Weingartner
    Carol Weingartner

    Sorry. My computer did something in the middle about checking my updates? ! and seems to have posted twice.ugh

  • Carol Weingartner
    Carol Weingartner

    Greg, Beauitiful colors in your new collection!
    Congratulations, Deanne. Even though I am in the States, I know what an honor you have received. I have been involved in rug hooking for a long time.
    And your contribution is above and beyond and truly unique.
    My word is Bittersweet. That is how I see life. This year will give me much sweetness and joy. At the same time I must accept loss and the bitter with the sweet. I need to work especially on accepting the bitter with Radical Acceptance. ( The name of a wonderful book, by the way).
    Happy hooking, Carol

  • Laura

    CONGRATULATIONS! Deanne, this is an incredible honour of which you are so deserving.

  • Mary Arizona
    Mary Arizona

    Congratulations on your Order of Canada, it is well deserved my dear. Thank you for another great Thursday. Happy New Year to you and your staff!


    Kudos,so proud of you.Nice to see a Nova Scotian be awarded this very high honour !

  • Juliana

    Reminds me of roses on a trellis.

  • Anne Slager
    Anne Slager

    Congratulations!! What an incredible honour

  • Christine Schutz
    Christine Schutz


  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Congratulations on being nominated and receiving the Canadian “Order”

  • Claire Quinn
    Claire Quinn

    Good Morning from Mont Tremblant, Qc. No snow here either….yet!

  • Marilyn Whalen
    Marilyn Whalen


  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Bonjour de Venise en Québec ! 🌧pas encore de neige …

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia, Kentucky! What awesome colors you are sharing with us today!

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