oh the middle of march

oh the middle of march

This morning I am here in the heart of winter. March. "Slow as molasses in the middle of March" my childhood friend Jeanette Pomeroy used to say when I was not quick enough getting ready to go down the hill with her.  And it is slow, March is meant to be slow.

And what is wrong with that? I know. I know. We are on the edge of spring. Winters back is broke, and the quicker March goes by, the sooner Summer will be here. Like really, how do you savour March? When the wind makes six degrees feel like minus six. Cause it does that here where I live.

Well I think I can. I think I can love March for the cold month that she is. I think I can. 

I will take the mornings slow. Like this morning, sitting here with you, writing. I'll admit that in March is still Winter. Admission is important. It is part of acceptance. Yesterday I put away my parka like a silly fool. Why?

I will get it back out and wear it today. Bluster away at me if you want March. I can take you if I have on my parka.

Candle light at supper. Every March I pull out this candle in a maple syrup tin and I burn it at supper. 

And love, maybe March is slow so we will have time to catch up and call a friend. To say how have you been? And have time to listen to the answer. Who shall I call?

And day light. The evenings may be cold still, but they are longer now. There is time after supper to lift my hook in the light and make my way through my mat. March is maker time. Time to sit and move my hands. The warmth of the rug is welcome.

And begin again. It does not have to be September of the new year to begin again. The Inspiration Sessions begin again in March. (Sorry, it's closed now) I start again with a new community of makers who want to learn. So I feel the excitement of new ideas percolating.

And percolating. March needs a treat. So yesterday we bought an espresso maker for the studio and Greg played the barista and made us lattes. And we felt the warmth of good coffee and friendship.

And warmth. At the end of the day on her day off Khush came in to introduce us to her friend and pick up a thermos so she could bring us in homemade chai tea to drink at work. Warm tea.

March is a long month for most of us and we need warmth. Warm clothes, warm tea, warm hearts, warm friends to bolster us against the wind.

And my Parka, I need my parka.

I am off for my walk now, I hope you get a little walk in today too. 

Thank you for your support, for staying a subscriber, and for your kindness, Deanne

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Susan Van Tine
    Susan Van Tine

    Is there a kit for “Oh the Middle of March”?

  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Merci !

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