October Pattern of the Month Foxy Guy

October Pattern of the Month Foxy Guy

Hello hookers!

Here we are in November. I don't know about where you live but it has been unusually warm here in the maritimes this fall. I always look forward to crisp and cool fall days to inspire me to start making and buying gifts for the holidays but this year that cold weather "call to action" has been sadly lacking. So when I saw Deanne's pattern of the month design I was happy because I couldn't wait to hook him for my mom!! She is a fox enthusiast.

Now I am going to admit that I did alter Deanne's pattern a wee bit; I didn't hook in the line for his legs and I fattened up his tail a bit by hooking on the outside of the lines. I used a dark sari ribbon (black cherry) to hook the outlines of his face and I learned from Deanne to not outline it too solidly which gives it a softer look. What I mean by that statement is when you hook the outline leave a fair bit of space between your stitches and this way the colors you hook on each side of the outline blend in some.

I had dyed some foxy colors for the studio which was fun to use. I opted for more golden tones rather than orange or red just because it was my preference. I also used a golden orange and hooked in some highlights around his eyes and nose. Then I gave him a dot of white in each eye to give him a bit of life.

Brenda suggested a forest green background and she was right. I alternated two shades of dark green for that. I could easily hook this little fella again in another color combo, he was so quick and easy.

Fun, fun, fun!!


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