Not your mommma's hookin'

Not your mommma's hookin'

First of all there is nothing wrong with our momma's hookin'. Hooking rugs has an amazing tradition that is rich and long standing. Tradition is important and the pom club recognizes that. We also know though that we are in the now, 2017, and rug hooking is no longer what it used to be. We don't need to make hooked rugs out of our old woolen clothes to warm our drafty floors. In fact we hardly have any woolen clothes anymore. When I first started rug hooking I could still find lots of wool coats and old clothes to hook with. I still love to recycle old clothes for my mats but they are harder and harder to find. Partially that is because we don't wear that much wool anymore and partially because there are so many rug hookers out there looking for what's around the completion to find it came be a bit fierce.

When I decide which patterns will become pom patterns I think about what I am working on in my own rugs. Sometimes I think what would be cool for you to work on. Sometimes I look around me and I think that would be perfect for POM members. You guys are always on my mind lately. How can we make the club better? How can we make the patterns more fun or interesting. How can we inspire members to hook more?

 I like to look through my sketch books for good patterns for club members. We try to plan a series of gorgeous patterns months in advance so that we can make sure the patterns fit with the seasons, that you have lots of variety.

Right now as I plan out for next year, I am thinking of how we can make some fun designs so that you can decorate your home with them.  In the coming months we will put articles on how to make pillows, making a purse, tea cozies etc on this site so that you can start experiment with these little rugs you are making.

You see rug hooking is not about making floor rugs anymore. It is a craft that has all kinds of pathways and can lead you all kinds of places. I love the versatility of rug hooking and I want the POM club to reflect that.




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  • Natalie Santabar
    Natalie Santabar

    Is it best to outline first or at the end.

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