Love is free.

Love is free.


Love is free. 

Isn't that amazing. The most valuable commodity in the world is free.

Such an old saying now. But still meaningful I think.

Isn't it? Isn't love free?

Well it comes with responsibility. It takes some effort but real love cannot be paid for. We cannot buy it, but we have to work for it. The work is not always hard, but it can be at times. Other times it is just easy.

It is also something that grows exponentially. I know this has been all said before. You heard it in the sixties. But truths are like that. You hear it. You hear it again. And then suddenly one day you hear it again, but this time it is really clear.

Love is free and when you give it it comes back to you in droves. I once spoke to a woman who was having a very difficult time and she said," I am not worried, people are lined up to help me." She felt the love that was around her.

Krista just visited my studio, and though I was busy I took a moment to stop and chat.

That's the first rule of love, it does take some time. She told she has been caring for some horses in the morning. A totally new experience that she is just getting so much from. For her it is a gift to herself. For the owner of the horses it is also a gift but it is not costing Krista anything to love those horses. In fact she is receiving love in doing this. She has grown in her comfort around these large beautiful creatures, and this growth in herself shows on her face as she tells me about them.

We do for others because we can. 

Too many tomatoes. We don't leave them on the vine. We find a salsa maker. 

Krista said, "People don't just take." And she's right, it is human nature to reciprocate. The vast majority of us know we have been lucky and we share the love and abundance we have  been given. It is simply in our nature. There are no rules or requirements.

Years and years ago my neighbour said he did not like it when someone repaid a favour he did for them immediately. He said it made him fell like they expected him to do the same, instead of just waiting til the time was right, or even just passing the love along. I found his story interesting. He wanted things to work their way around the universe a bit. Not just salsa in return for tomatoes. If you get the tomatoes from me, you can give away the salsa to anyone and that's ok, would be his motto. 

We all give in our own ways to our own capacity. This is how we love. Giving is part of love.

We give because we love. Love is such a big word but in reality it can be such a small thing. And the more small good things we have in our life, perhaps it is really the more we love we have.

I am so glad I stopped and talked to Krista today. She made me feel loved. I hope she felt it back.

Thank you for reading, I am so glad you do.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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