Looking for the Signs, Thursday Live: Episode 152

Looking for the Signs, Thursday Live: Episode 152
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Kim

    Bottom with leaves.

  • Kim

    Bottom with leaves.

  • Becky

    I was just looking through your letters book and rediscovered your chrysanthemum skies—I think a pale version of them on the bottom signs would look beautiful (I like the one with the leaves best as it nestles around the one house better). b

  • Marie Heatley
    Marie Heatley

    The signs are really nice. My pick is the bottom sign with the leaves which makes the sign more open than the flower sign. The light blue sky is a great idea. So it doesn’t slide, blend into the real sky, I would suggest a very thin line of black on the edge and paint the actual edge of the sign black too. Thanks and happy hooking.

  • Dana Psoinas
    Dana Psoinas

    Hello! I like the bottom sign with the flowers on the house. Easy to read with beauty and some pops of color.

  • Jeanne Coates
    Jeanne Coates

    I like the bottom signs best.

  • Angela Quinn
    Angela Quinn

    Bottom signs are great-especially the bottom right
    I think the background for the letters should be a solid to allow the letters to pop
    Great live today!

  • Kathy S
    Kathy S

    My vote goes to the bottom versions. Sky would be a beautiful addition! I’m sure whatever Angela can create will be wonderful!

  • Jen

    Definitely the bottom signs are easier to read. I find them more appealing, especially the one with the flower. Flowers speak for themselves but leaves need context or background to look their best.
    The comment about making the sign easy to read by Barbara L R is very important. Unless one has been exposed to vision loss or disability it can be difficult to appreciate how important this aspect of signage is.
    Your guests today were great. I predict that Mary-Lynne (?) is going to become a great rug hooker!

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    I love the bottom.The top is a bit harder to see the pics.We are an opinionated lot,lol,mainly me

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    I love the bottom.The top is a bit harder to see the pics

  • Cathy Horsman
    Cathy Horsman

    Bottom sign with leaves and definitely a sky!

  • Maggie Rossiter
    Maggie Rossiter

    I love the bottom one and the idea of sky sounds good too🤔

  • David

    Great Mom’s coming home with a new hobby. Thanks girls. MaryLynn needed a break with her girls, sorry Canada…

  • Shannon

    Hi Mom, Mary Lynne and Beth, looking beautiful as are the rugs. Touch of blue to the bottom sky with leaves. For the new sign! Great show!

  • Diana

    I like the top!

  • Barbara L Roberts
    Barbara L Roberts

    I like the bottom signs, more fluid and still illustrating the different styles. If sky goes underneath the lettering, that would be great too, as long as it’s super subtle and doesn’t compete with the lettering. People with reading disabilities and visual impairments can have trouble with background/foreground, and sans serif fonts work better for them, with both upper and lower case letters. Just a suggestion. Love the work!

  • Cathy North
    Cathy North

    Hi from Shallow Lake.

  • Pam Haughn
    Pam Haughn

    Love the bottom signs..prefer the poppies…whenever I think of Deanne I think of the poppies..

  • Becky Lowe
    Becky Lowe

    Bottom Sign. Leaves and poppies? Too much?

  • Jacquie Wingert
    Jacquie Wingert

    I like the bottom signs. Those are cleaner, not so busy. Love the flowers and leaves. Love the Inspiration classes!

  • Kathy Worthington
    Kathy Worthington

    I’m so glad I found you, Deanne! I hooked many years ago, but stopped for some reason. Then I found you on the internet. I’ve just finished a small kit and plan on starting another. You are a breath of fresh air!!

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