July Pattern of the Month!!

July Pattern of the Month!!

It's summer, and that means a very busy tourist season here at the studio. Our season is so short but is packed with the bustle of happy people that are delighted to be making a stop here in Amherst for a visit with their favourite rug hooking artist. By the time our day of work has ended there is little fuel left over for hooking at home. So this is where I stand... I haven't finished the pattern of the month to show you but I have a good start on it! 

When I saw that the July pattern was a lighthouse I automatically thought of a beautiful blue sky on a sunny day with the traditional white tower, but I wanted to try something a little different and to push my limits. I decided to try a sunset sky. We have a lot of dyed colours in the studio right now and some great yarns as well. I have been busy dying some Briggs and Little yarn and one in particular caught my eye... it features some pretty great sunset colours so I've used a fair bit of that. I've also pulled inspiration from some images of sunsets I found on google. 

I'm thinking of defining the lighthouse better with some black yarn. That should make it stand out against the colourful sky. I'm still deciding if I want the main body of the lighthouse to be blue are grey as it would be in shadow. I started out with blue but there may still be some room for change. "Try not to overthink it" is what I tell our clients but sometimes I'm guilty of it myself. These are supposed to be fun and relaxing so that's what I'm aiming for. 

Enjoy the remainder of your summer!


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  • emily dunne
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