Journal: trust in the process.

Journal: trust in the process.

So I thought this morning,  not having an idea if this tree landscape is going to work out, is like making any decision in life. 

You go to school, you take a job, there are no guarantees it will all work out. You just take a chance. We do it all the time with the big decisions in life. That should make it easy to take chances with all the small decisions in art. Making art is like a little micro world. You should get all wrapped up in it. It should feel like it matters. The choices and decisions should feel important, just not so important that you are stifled into not making them. 

Just carry on. Make choices. Take chances. Have faith. Trust the process.

Yesterday when I started on the trees I laughed to myself knowing this rug could be gorgeous or a bungled mess. It does not matter. So much about rug hooking for me is the making. I love the process. Just sitting and hearing that thrumming sound. It soothes me. If it does not turn out right, someone can wipe their muddy boots on it. It is fine with me. 

If it turns out good. I will frame it. Put it on the wall and think about how I could make it better.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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