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Journal: Thinking small, thinking big


It inevitably happens that when I work small for a while that I decide I want to work large. For the past two weeks I have been hooking 8 by 8 inch tiny landscapes. When I finished the last batch of them in November I felt I was done with the format. Then I started looking at pictures of the work and I wanted to make more. Today I feel like I have a few more left in me. 

Today I will go to the downtown studio and work on the big nine piece that I have started there. I will also draw a very large pattern for a customer. Today I will think big. I have always rallied back and forth between big pieces and dmall pieces as I hook. I love the quick satisfaction that come s from hooking small. I also love the process and gradual understanding that comes from hooking big. When you hook big there is time for things to evolve and grow.

I am glad that I like both and that one makes me need the other. They complement each other both on the studio walls and in my work life.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick