Journal: the empty canvas

Journal: the empty canvas

There it is before me, the empty canvas. I cannot decide what I want to hook. I know the size and the shape. I have one great drawing but I am not ready to hook it because I need to let it sink in. I just drew it last night and it has a lot of meaning. I just want to imagine it more before I hook it. 

I am torn between some abstracts, and some landscapes, and some very abstract landscapes. The kind of abstracts I am attracted to right now are kind of like encaustic paintings. It will be very hard to get this feeling in wool. Do I try when I know I have failed at this before? Yes, for sure, but is now that time. 

 I might just do some tiny landscapes big, like 24 by 24 and abstract them more. I have been looking at paintings on line and there are so many captivating images that inspire me. I won’t try to recreate these paintings but I will use ideas from their subject matter, their composition, their colour palettes for my own work. They make me want to be better at what I do. They inspire me to elevate my work to another level. The elevator is slow. You just see the progress over the years. 

So right now I am caught between so many ideas that I do not have a single one. At night if I want to fall back to sleep I imagine my rug on the frame. I try to picture the design, the wool, the colour coming together by itself. I did that last night and I saw a jumble but it was not really clear. The closest thing I can see is a forest. So maybe I will close my eyes and start there. 


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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