Journal: progress

Journal: progress

I really love both the rugs I made lately on the teal green palette but I feel like the second one is much easier to read. You can just see it more clearly. It should not matter. Abstract is fine. Yet I am drawn to seeing. I like to recognize. I started a new one, a third to the series and I am loving the shape of the foregrounds. I think in these rugs I learned that the foregrounds can be odd shapes and still work. It has added a new element to my work that excites me. At first it was just the colour work but now it is the shapes as well.

I really work hard at staying excited about my rugs. It takes time and patience to experiment but it is essential. I never regret any rug that I make. There is always something to learn from them. Even the ones that were so bad I threw them out. There were still things that I learned. 

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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